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Vendor: King Palm

King Palm 25pk Mini Flavor Leaf Rolls/ Cones

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Product Type: Leaf Rolls
SKU: PK -Leaf Rolls - 0181
Vendor: King Palm

Flavors:: Watermelon Mango
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King Palm 25pk Mini Flavor Leaf Rolls/ Cones

Introducing the King Palm 25pk Mini Flavor Leaf Rolls/Cones, the ultimate selection for smokers who crave convenience, flavor, and versatility in one package. Crafted with precision and care, this bundle offers an exceptional smoking experience with a variety of mouthwatering flavors.

Each King Palm 25pk Mini Flavor Leaf Rolls/Cones pack contains a generous assortment of pre-rolled mini leaf rolls and cones, perfect for those who appreciate variety in their smoking routine. These convenient and compact rolls/cones are infused with a selection of delectable flavors that add a delightful twist to your smoking materials.

Constructed from natural and tobacco-free leaves, these rolls/cones provide a smooth and slow burn, allowing you to savor the rich flavors of your smoking materials. The mini size offers versatility, making them suitable for various smoking methods, from rolling your own cigarettes to filling a pipe.

Whether you're a flavor enthusiast or simply seeking a convenient and flavorful smoking solution, the King Palm 25pk Mini Flavor Leaf Rolls/Cones are a must-have. Elevate your smoking experience with this diverse and delicious bundle, and enjoy the benefits of convenience and flavor infusion. Choose King Palm for a superior smoking accessory that combines quality, flavor, and variety, ensuring every smoking session is a memorable and flavorful one.