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King Palm Cones - Mini

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Product Type: Cones
SKU: KP - Cone - 05
Vendor: King Palm

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King Palm Cones - Mini

King Palm Cones - Mini are a type of pre-rolled cone made from the leaves of the Cordia palm tree. They are smaller than the regular King Palm cones, and they can hold up to 1.5 grams of dry herb. The Mini cones are perfect for a single person or for a small group.

King Palm Cones - Mini are made from all-natural materials, and they do not contain any glue or chemicals. This makes them a healthier alternative to traditional blunt wraps. The palm leaves also burn slowly and evenly, which produces a smooth, flavorful smoke.

King Palm Cones - Mini come with a corn husk filter tip, which helps to prevent the smoke from getting harsh. They also come with a reusable tube for easy transportation and storage.

To smoke a King Palm Cone - Mini, simply remove the filter tip and pack the cone with your favorite dry herb. Then, light the cone and enjoy!

Here are some of the features of the King Palm Cones - Mini:

  • Made from Cordia palm leaves
  • Small size (holds up to 1.5 grams of dry herb)
  • All-natural materials
  • Slow-burning
  • Flavorful smoke
  • Corn husk filter tip
  • Reusable tube

King Palm Cones - Mini are a great way to enjoy your favorite dry herb. They are easy to use, and they produce a smooth, flavorful smoke. If you are looking for a pre-rolled cone that is made from natural materials and produces a great smoking experience, then the King Palm Cones - Mini are a great option.