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Ooze Ceramic Mug - Toxic Waste Barrel

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Product Type: Mug
SKU: Ooze - Mug - 227
Vendor: Ooze

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Ooze Ceramic Mug - Toxic Waste Barrel

The Ooze Ceramic Mug in the Toxic Waste Barrel design is a one-of-a-kind blend of creativity and functionality. This distinctive coffee mug not only holds your favorite brew but also comes with a hidden secret that sets it apart.

Crafted from premium ceramic, this mug boasts a sturdy build that can handle both hot and cold beverages. It has a roomy 16-ounce capacity, perfect for a generous serving of coffee, tea, or any drink you prefer. The Toxic Waste Barrel design adds a unique touch to your daily coffee routine, making it an excellent conversation starter.

What makes this mug truly special is its concealed storage compartment at the base. Disguised as the bottom of a toxic waste barrel, this compartment offers a discreet spot to stash your small essentials, be it your herbs, pre-rolls, or even a few extra bucks. Whether you're at home, work, or just enjoying a quiet moment, this mug ensures your items stay close at hand.

The Ooze Ceramic Mug in the Toxic Waste Barrel design effortlessly combines utility with a touch of eccentricity, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate both their coffee and their herbs. Spice up your daily routine with this unique and practical ceramic mug from Ooze.