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Ooze Resolution Alcohol Micro Swabs – 100ct

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Product Type: Alcohol Micro Swabs
SKU: Ooze - Swabs - 130
Vendor: Ooze

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Ooze Resolution Alcohol Micro Swabs – 100ct

Ooze Resolution Alcohol Micro Swabs are a must-have for any serious vaper or cannabis enthusiast. This convenient pack of 100 individually wrapped alcohol swabs is designed to help you keep your vaping and smoking accessories clean and hygienic.

Each swab is saturated with high-quality isopropyl alcohol, which is known for its excellent cleaning properties. Whether you're cleaning your vaporizer, dab rig, glass pipe, or any other smoking or vaping device, these micro swabs are up to the task. They effectively remove residue, build-up, and impurities, ensuring a pure and flavorful experience every time.

The individually wrapped design of these swabs makes them highly portable and perfect for on-the-go cleaning. Toss a few in your vape or travel kit, and you'll always have a reliable cleaning solution at your fingertips. They're also great for maintaining the cleanliness of your hands before handling herbs, concentrates, or vaping liquids.

Ooze Resolution Alcohol Micro Swabs are an essential accessory for any vaping or smoking enthusiast, helping you maintain the quality and performance of your gear. Keep your equipment spotless and ready for action with these convenient, easy-to-use alcohol swabs.