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5 Easy Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vape Coil


5 Easy Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vape Coil


It is not a secret that the vape coil is an essential part of the overall vaping experience; however, vaping has become an increasingly common method for ingesting nicotine and other substances. Heating element that vaporises e-liquid and produces the vapour that is inhaled by the user is referred to as a vape coil. Vape coils can become worn out over time and lose their efficiency, which can result in a reduction in the amount of vapour produced as well as a burnt flavour. You can, however, improve the quality of your vaping experience and lengthen the lifespan of your vape coil by following a few straightforward instructions. In this piece, we'll go over five simple strategies that can help you get more use out of your vape coil.

Make Sure You Properly Prime Your Vape Coil

Priming your vape coil effectively is one of the most important steps you can take to lengthen the lifespan of your coil. Before you begin vaping, you should "prime" your vape coil by completely saturating the wick with e-liquid. This will get your coil ready for use. It is possible for the wick to catch fire if it is dry, but this helps to prevent that from happening.


Follow these steps to prime the coil on your vape device:

  • After you have filled your tank with e-liquid, wait a few minutes so that the liquid can absorb into the wick.
  • Take a few dry puffs, which means inhale through the mouthpiece but do not press the fire button. This will assist in drawing the e-liquid into the coil.
  • If you don't properly prime the coil in your vape device, you run the risk of getting dry hits and burnt tastes, which can reduce the coil's lifespan.

Make Sure That Your Vape Coil is Regularly Cleaned

Another simple method for extending the life of your vape coil is to keep it clean. The performance of the coil may degrade over time as a result of the accumulation of e-liquid residue and other debris on the coil. Regular cleaning of your vape coil is the best way to remove this buildup and bring it back to its original level of performance.


Steps to clean the coil on your vape device:


  • Take the tank out of your apparatus.
  • Remove any e-liquid that may still be present from the tank.
  • You will now need to disassemble the tank and take the coil out.
  • Give the coil a quick wash in some warm water, and then allow it to dry completely.
  • After reassembling the tank, fill it with e-liquid and put it back together.
  • If you clean your vape coil on a regular basis, you can remove any buildup that may be affecting its performance and lengthen the amount of time it will last.

Utilize E-Liquid That Is of a High Quality

Another critical step in maximising the lifespan of your vape coil is making use of e-liquid of the highest possible quality. E-liquids of poor quality and low price may contain impurities that can cause your coil to become clogged and reduce its effectiveness. In addition, the high levels of sweeteners found in some e-liquids can hasten the rate at which the coil in the atomizer is consumed by combustion.


You can ensure that you are using e-liquid of high quality by searching for reputable brands that make use of high-quality components in their products. A second piece of advice is to steer clear of e-liquids that have a high concentration of sweeteners or other additives that might interfere with the functioning of your vape coil.

Utilize the Appropriate Wattage

In order to get the most out of your vape coil and make it last as long as possible, it is essential to use the appropriate amount of wattage. Running your coil at a wattage that is too high can cause it to burn out more quickly, while running it at a wattage that is too low can lead to a reduction in the amount of vapour that is produced.


Consult the recommendations provided by the manufacturer of your vape coil to determine the appropriate wattage, or experiment with a variety of wattage settings until you find the ideal range for your coil. In addition, make certain that you begin with a low wattage and gradually increase it until you reach the level that you want to be at.

Avoid Chain Vaping

Chain vaping, which refers to the practise of vaping repeatedly without allowing the coil to cool down in between sessions, can also reduce the lifespan of your vape coil. When you inhale from a vape device, the coil produces vapour by heating up and vaporising the e-liquid, which you then inhale. It is possible for the coil to overheat and burn out more quickly if you continue to vape without giving it a chance to cool down first.


Try to give yourself a break in between each vaping session in order to avoid chain vaping. The coil will have time to cool down as a result, which will help to extend its lifespan.


You can get more use out of your vape coil if you follow these five simple steps, which will also help you get more out of your vaping experience overall. Simple actions such as ensuring that your vape coil is properly primed, cleaning it on a regular basis, using e-liquid of a high quality, vaping at the appropriate wattage, and avoiding chain vaping are some of the ways in which you can help your coil last longer.


Always make sure to use your vaping device in a responsible manner and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If you take good care of your vape coil, you will not only have a more satisfying experience when you vape, but you will also spend less money on replacements in the long run.

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