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Introducing EBCREATE, formerly known as EBDESIGN, ELF BAR BC5000, and ELF BAR TE6000. EBCREATE is a cutting-edge brand that offers high-quality vaping devices and disposable vapes to enhance your vaping experience.

With its sleek and innovative designs, EBCREATE brings style and functionality together. Formerly known as EBDESIGN, the brand has undergone a transformation to deliver even better performance and aesthetics.

The ELF BAR BC5000 and ELF BAR TE6000 are part of the EBCREATE lineup, representing the brand's commitment to excellence. These disposable vapes offer impressive features such as high battery capacity, rechargeability, and a wide range of delicious flavors to choose from.

Whether you're a vape enthusiast or new to the world of vaping, EBCREATE has you covered. The brand's devices are designed for convenience, featuring automatic activation and no-hassle coil replacements or charging. Simply enjoy the smooth and consistent vaping experience with each puff.

Experience the future of vaping with EBCREATE. Upgrade your vaping journey with their state-of-the-art devices and discover a whole new level of satisfaction and enjoyment. Embrace the brand's new identity and indulge in their exceptional products. Choose EBCREATE for an elevated vaping experience that combines style, convenience, and outstanding flavor delivery.


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STRIO x EBCREATE XC6500 - Fruit Tail
$4.00 OFF
EBCREATE BC5000 Thermal Edition - Banana Cake
$4.00 OFF
EBCreate BC10000 - Apple Ice
$5.00 OFF
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EBCreate BC10000
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