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5 Steps to Increase Flavor of Your Vape

5 Steps to Increase Flavor of Your Vape


5 Steps to Increase Flavor of Your Vape


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Vaping is not merely an act; it is an experience, a journey to pleasure your senses with a myriad of flavors. But getting that perfect flavor experience isn't always as easy as puffing on your vape pen. Avid vapers know that it requires a combination of factors, including a good quality vape mod, the right coil, the perfect vape settings, meticulous maintenance, and e-liquid selection. With these elements in play, your journey to the ultimate flavor experience becomes both a science and an art.


In this comprehensive guide, let's delve into five easy yet transformative steps to level up your vaping game for the maximum flavor experience.

Choose the Right Vape Mod and Tank for Flavor


The vape mod and tank are the heart and soul of your vaping device. The mod houses the battery and electronic components, while the tank contains the e-liquid and the atomizer coil that turns the liquid into vapor. The flavor you perceive largely depends on how well these components function together.


Select a vape mod that fits your needs in terms of wattage and temperature controls, battery life, and build quality. Adjustable settings can give you more control over your vape's flavor output.


As for the tank, go for a high-quality sub-ohm tank. Sub-ohm tanks are known for generating more flavor due to larger vapor production. Also, make sure the tank design supports easy cleaning, as accumulated residues can distort the flavor.

Vape Settings for Flavor

The vapor and flavor produced by your device hinge significantly on the settings of wattage, temperature, and coil resistance.


Wattage: Lower wattages produce less vapor but can deliver more intense flavor, especially for sweet and creamy e-liquids. However, some flavors come alive at higher wattages. Experiment within the recommended wattage range for your coil.


Temperature: Temperature control is another crucial feature. A higher temperature will increase vapor production but can sometimes result in a burnt flavor. Adjust your temperature settings to find your personal sweet spot.


Coil Resistance: Coils with lower resistances (<1 Ohm, known as sub-ohm) tend to generate larger vapor clouds and a warmer vape, which can enhance the overall flavor experience.

Building a Flavor Chasing Coil

If you're a DIY enthusiast, building your own coil can dramatically enhance your flavor experience. Here are a few tips:


Material: Stainless steel and Kanthal are excellent choices for flavor chasers due to their clean taste.


Design: Complex coil designs like Clapton or Alien can boost flavor due to their increased surface area, but they require more skill to build.


Wicking: Use organic cotton for your wicks. It's a clean material that doesn't interfere with your e-liquid's taste.


Remember, safety first. Understand Ohm's law and battery safety before embarking on coil building.

Adjust Your Vape Settings

With your foundational elements — the vape mod, tank, and coil — all set up, it's time to delve deeper into the nuances of your device's settings for the perfect vape.

Step 1: Start With the Basics

Always commence your adjustment journey with the manufacturer's recommended settings for your specific coil. This recommendation is based on rigorous testing by the manufacturer, ensuring optimal performance and flavor output. Think of it as the safe starting point from which you can explore further.

Step 2: Understand Wattage and Its Impact

The wattage controls the power supplied to the coil, determining how much heat it generates. Here's the trick:


Low to Medium Wattages: They're best for e-liquids with a pronounced, intricate flavor profile. These settings produce a cooler vape and tend to emphasize the nuances of flavors, particularly suitable for fruit and dessert e-liquids.


High Wattages: They generate more heat, producing warmer vapor. This can intensify some flavors, especially tobacco and creamy flavors. However, excessively high wattages can result in a burnt taste, particularly if your e-liquid has a high sugar content.

Step 3: Temperature Control – A Fine Balance

If your device has a temperature control (TC) mode, it offers a new dimension to flavor optimization. With TC, you can set a maximum coil temperature, ensuring it doesn't surpass this limit, thus preventing dry hits and potential burning. Different flavor notes become pronounced at various temperatures. Experiment within a safe range to unearth the sweet spots of your e-liquids.

Step 4: Airflow Adjustments

The airflow settings on your tank can influence both the amount of vapor produced and the intensity of flavor. A tighter airflow concentrates the vapor, leading to a richer flavor experience, while a more open airflow can dilute the flavor but offers bigger vapor clouds.

Step 5: Monitor and Balance

As you tweak the settings, pay close attention to the life of your coil. Higher wattages and temperatures can stress the coil, causing it to degrade faster. The key is to strike a balance: you want the best flavor possible, but you also don’t want to be replacing your coil every other day. Keeping a vaping journal can be helpful, allowing you to note down optimal settings for different e-liquids.

Tips for Maintaining The Flavor


Regular Cleaning of the Tank: Over time, e-liquid residue can build up in the tank, affecting the taste. Every 1-2 weeks (or whenever you change flavors), disassemble your tank and wash it with warm water. Dry it completely before reassembling to prevent any water from mixing with your e-liquid.


Change Your Coil Regularly: The coil is central to the flavor experience. As it gets old, it accumulates gunk, which can result in a burnt taste. Depending on your usage, consider changing your coil every 1-4 weeks.


Battery Maintenance: A consistent power source is essential for consistent vapor production. Clean the battery terminals regularly with a cotton swab to remove any dirt or e-liquid residue. Always store batteries in a cool and dry place and avoid overcharging them.


Airflow Adjustments: The airflow settings can make a significant difference in flavor quality. A tighter airflow tends to enhance flavor, while a looser one produces more vapor. Clean the airflow holes regularly to ensure they're not blocked, allowing for a smooth draw.

Best Practices for E-liquid Selection

Understand PG/VG Ratios: E-liquids typically contain a blend of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). PG provides more flavor but less vapor, while VG gives massive clouds but can slightly mute the flavor. For a flavor-focused experience, select an e-liquid with a higher PG ratio.


Steeping E-liquids: Just like a fine wine, e-liquids can benefit from some aging. Steeping involves letting your e-liquid sit for a while, allowing the ingredients to mix thoroughly. Store it in a cool, dark place and shake it once every few days. Steeping can intensify the flavor, especially for complex blends.


Check Expiry Dates: E-liquids do have a shelf life. While they might not necessarily "go bad" after their expiry date, the flavor's quality can degrade over time. Always check the production and expiry dates when buying a new bottle.


Avoid Sunlight and Heat: Ultraviolet rays from the sun can break down the nicotine and flavors in e-liquids, leading to a change in taste. Store your e-liquids in a cool, dark place, preferably in tinted or opaque bottles.


Use Dedicated Storage: Invest in a storage box or case for your e-liquids. Not only does this protect them from environmental factors, but it also keeps them organized. Having a dedicated storage space ensures that they're not exposed to contaminants or accidental spills.


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By following the steps outlined above, you can dramatically enhance your flavor experience and truly level up your vaping game. So, here's to bold, robust, and delightful clouds of vapor by Alternative Pods that make your vaping journey all the more pleasurable. Explore exciting and tasty flavors to try from Alternative Pods and forget your worries!



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