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A Comprehensive Guide to Vaping Terminology

A Comprehensive Guide to Vaping Terminology


A Comprehensive Guide to Vaping Terminology



Vaping, the increasingly popular alternative to smoking, is replete with its own vernacular. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just stepping into the misty world, comprehending these terms is essential. As you delve deeper, you'll not only appreciate why products like Aspire's e-cigarettes and mods are the talk of the town but also engage in conversations with fellow vapers. This detailed guide elucidates the fundamental to the intricate vaping terminologies. Ready to master the vaping lexicon? Dive in!

Essential Vaping Equipment Explained


Mod: Think of the mod as the heart of your vaping device. It's where the battery resides and is the connecting point to the atomizer.


Atomizer: This is your vape’s heating section, transforming e-liquid into that satisfying vapor. Central to the atomizer are the coil and wick.


Tank: A reservoir that holds the e-liquid, the tank ensures you're not refilling after every few puffs.


Drip Tip: Essentially the mouthpiece, this is where you draw the vapor from.

E-Liquid: The Soul of Vaping

The e-liquid, or e-juice, is a blend that the atomizer heats to produce vapor. Comprising vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG) as a base, it can contain flavorings, nicotine, and other additives. The plethora of strengths and flavors ensures every vaper finds their sweet (or tangy) spot.

Deeper Dive into the Atomizer's Elements


Coil: Serving as the heating element, the coil metamorphoses the e-liquid into vapor. Constructed from materials like Kanthal, Nichrome, or Stainless steel, coils vary in shape, size, and resistance. The coil's resistance influences its temperature and vapor volume.


Wick: Often crafted from organic cotton, silica, or stainless steel, the wick feeds the coil with e-liquid from the tank. This continuous supply ensures consistent flavor and prevents the coil from drying.

Battery: Powering Your Vaping Sessions

Contained within the mod, batteries can be internal (non-removable) or external (removable). The choice of battery dictates both the vape's power output and its longevity between charges.

Variable Voltage/Wattage: Tailoring the Vaping Experience

Certain mods flaunt a variable voltage/wattage feature, empowering vapers to modify their device's power output. This adjustment influences vapor volume and can intensify or mellow the flavor.


Sub-Ohm Vaping: This style employs an atomizer with resistance below one ohm, enhancing power to the coil for denser vapor. This method emphasizes flavor while lowering the temperature.


Mouth to Lung Vaping: Mirroring traditional cigarette smoking, this technique relies on coils with resistances above one ohm, producing a gentler vapor. The Aspire Vilter Pro, using a non-replaceable 1.2 ohm mesh coil and a filter drip tip, replicates the authentic cigarette sensation with unparalleled flavor richness.

Intriguing Vaping Phenomena


Vaper's Tongue: Have you momentarily lost the ability to discern e-liquid flavors? You might be experiencing the perplexing 'vaper's tongue'. While theories abound, ranging from taste bud fatigue to nicotine-induced effects, its true cause remains enigmatic.


Steeping: Analogous to aging wine, steeping matures e-liquids to enrich their flavor profiles. This waiting game, spanning days to weeks, can elevate an e-liquid's taste and mellow its throat hit.


ADV (All Day Vape): An e-liquid flavor that a vaper enjoys vaping throughout the day without switching to different flavors.


Airflow: Indicates how freely air is drawn into the device with each inhale. Adjusting the airflow can change the amount of vapor and intensity of flavor.


APV (Advanced Personal Vaporiser): More commonly known as a mod. Typically features replaceable batteries and variable voltage or wattage.


Automatic Shutoff: A safety feature on e-cigarettes preventing the battery from overheating during recharging.


Automatic e-cigarette: A device that activates the coil upon inhaling, without pressing a button.


Battery: Powers the coil to vaporize the e-liquid. May be replaceable or built-in.


Blend: Refers to the combination of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) in e-liquids.


Box Mod: A mod with a box-like battery compartment.


Cig-a-like: A style of e-cigarette resembling traditional tobacco cigarettes.


Clearomiser: A combined e-liquid reservoir and coil unit. Typically transparent to view the e-liquid level.


Cloud Chasing / Chasers: Vapers who aim to produce large clouds of vapor, typically using mods.


Clouds: Refers to the exhaled vapor.


Coil Jig: A tool used to rebuild e-cigarette coils..


Custom Mod: Handcrafted or modified devices built by experienced vapers.


DIY (Do It Yourself): Pertains to making one's own e-liquids.


Dry Burn: Occurs when vaping with an empty or nearly-empty e-liquid reservoir, resulting in a burnt taste.


Dry Hit: A drag that tastes burnt due to a failed coil.


DTL or DL (Direct to Lung): A vaping style where vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs.


E-Cigarette: Any device used to vaporize e-liquid, consisting of a reservoir, battery, coil, and mouthpiece.


E-liquid: Liquid used in vaping devices, typically containing PG, VG, nicotine, and flavorings.


Hybrid: An e-cigarette where the atomizer connects directly to the battery without standard connections.


Low Resistance: Denotes an e-cigarette capable of producing more vapor due to its low resistance coil.


MG Strength: Indicates the nicotine concentration in e-liquids, measured per milliliter.


Multi-Voltage Mod: A mod where the voltage can be adjusted.


No-Nic: E-liquids without any nicotine.


Nic Salt / Nicotine Salts: A form of nicotine in e-liquids reputed for a smoother throat hit.


Ohm: A unit measuring electrical resistance. Lower ohm values typically produce more vapor.


PG (Propylene Glycol): A common base liquid in e-liquids.


Rebuildables: Tanks or atomizers that can be customized with user-chosen coils and wicks.


Regulated Mod: Mods with built-in safety features to prevent overheating.


RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer): A rebuildable coil where e-liquid drips directly onto the wick.


RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer): A rebuildable coil used within a standard tank.


Starter Kit: A package designed for new vapers, often containing an e-cigarette, clearomizer, battery, and charging components.


Tanks: Large e-liquid reservoirs typically used in mods.


Vape Pen: An alternate name for pen-style e-cigarettes.


Vaper’s Tongue: A temporary loss or alteration of taste sensation when vaping frequently.


Vaping: The act of using an e-cigarette or mod.


VG (Vegetable Glycerine): Another base liquid commonly used in e-liquids.


VV (Variable Voltage): Refers to e-cigarettes or mods where the voltage can be adjusted.


VW (Variable Wattage): Refers to e-cigarettes or mods where the wattage can be adjusted.


This glossary provides an overview of commonly used terms in the vaping community, helping beginners and enthusiasts navigate the world of vaping with ease.


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