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The world of water pipes has come a long way, offering enthusiasts an extensive range of options in design, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The AFM GLASS - THE ZEBRA B&W 9MM BEAKER - 18" is a testament to how functionality and style can be seamlessly blended. This beaker, with its stunning black and white zebra stripe design and strong build, is indeed a work of art.

Design & Aesthetic



Zebra Stripes: Upon first glance, it's impossible to miss the captivating zebra stripe design of the beaker. This distinctive and intricate pattern is more than just an aesthetic touch; it's a bold statement of class and style. The alternating black and white stripes immediately transport the beholder to the wild savannas, presenting an image of nature's raw beauty. Whether you're on the hunt for a piece that screams confidence or are a connoisseur of refined and subtle elegance, this zebra design speaks volumes, ensuring that your beaker isn’t just another piece in the collection but a centerpiece of attention.


AFM Decals: To complement the striking zebra design, the beaker is adorned with two distinct decals - the Zebra AFM logo and the playful AFM monkey. More than just decorative elements, these decals are a testament to brand pride and identity. They serve to reinforce the authenticity and quality assurance that comes with every AFM product, ensuring that every glance or touch reminds you of the craftsmanship and heritage of the AFM brand. It's a blend of quirky and classy, making the piece undeniably and uniquely AFM.

Build & Quality


9mm Thick Glass: When it comes to durability and strength, the beaker stands tall, quite literally. The 9mm thick glass is not just a number but a promise. It’s an assurance that this isn’t your everyday fragile glass piece. This robust thickness serves as a shield against those heart-stopping moments when the beaker takes a tumble or is subjected to an inadvertent bump. With such heft and durability, it not only promises fewer trips to the store for replacements but also ensures you get the most bang for your buck over the years.


Actual Measurements: Craftsmanship, especially of this caliber, often brings with it minute variations in dimensions, owing to the hands-on nature of its creation. While the stated measurements offer a clear picture of what to expect, potential users should note that actual measurements might have slight deviations. This isn't a flaw but a signature of a handcrafted piece, reminiscent of the care and attention put into its creation. If you're particular about dimensions down to the last millimeter, it's always wise to reach out and get a hands-on feel or additional details before making a decision.



Downstem & Bowl Included: Beyond the impressive aesthetics lies the heart of functionality in the form of the downstem and bowl. These aren’t mere add-ons but integral components meticulously designed to sync perfectly with the beaker. This harmony between components ensures that every draw is smooth, uninterrupted, and pleasurable. It negates the need to hunt for compatible pieces and guarantees that each session is devoid of hiccups, quite literally!


Slide Joint - 14mm female & Downstem Size - 5": Diving deeper into the technical specifics, the 14mm female slide joint emerges as the unsung hero. Being a widely accepted size, it offers versatility by being compatible with numerous accessories out in the market. In tandem with this is the 5-inch downstem, which is neither too long nor too short but just right for the beaker's stature. This ensures that the water filtration process is at its optimum, translating to gentler, smoother, and richer hits every time.


3 Ice Pinches: Smoking experiences are not just about the flavor but also the temperature. With the ingenious inclusion of three ice pinches, the beaker invites users to enhance their sessions by adding ice. It's a simple yet transformative feature, especially during those sweltering summer days. Every inhale is not just flavorful but refreshingly cool, turning each session into a mini oasis of relaxation.

Size & Portability


Height & Base Diameter: Standing tall at 18 inches with a sturdy 6-inch base diameter, the Zebra B&W beaker strikes a balance between being compact enough for easy handling and large enough for group sessions. This makes it versatile for both individual and group use.

Final Thoughts


AFM GLASS's THE ZEBRA B&W 9MM BEAKER - 18" strikes a chord with both novices and seasoned aficionados. Its impeccable design, unmatched quality, and stellar functionality make it not just a tool, but a statement piece. Whether you're in it for the aesthetics, durability, or top-notch performance, this beaker doesn't disappoint. Looking to elevate your sessions? This might just be the perfect choice for you.

Grab Yours from Alternative Pods Today!


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Why Settle for Ordinary When Exceptional Awaits?


From the intricate designs to the impeccable functionality, the AFM GLASS - THE ZEBRA B&W 9MM BEAKER - 18" isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in unparalleled smoking experiences. And there’s no better place to secure this masterpiece than from Alternative Pods.

Why Choose Alternative Pods?

Alternative Pods isn't just another store. It's a trusted hub for genuine, high-quality products that resonate with both novices and aficionados alike. Our reputation rests on delivering not just products, but also the assurance of authenticity, quality, and unmatched customer service.


  • Authenticity Guaranteed: Every piece you purchase from us comes with the brand's promise. Say goodbye to knock-offs and embrace the genuine article.


  • Seamless Shopping Experience: From browsing to checkout, our platform ensures a hassle-free shopping journey. Plus, with prompt shipping, your beaker will be in your hands before you know it.


  • Knowledgeable Customer Service: Got questions? Need recommendations? Our team isn’t just about sales; they’re passionate enthusiasts ready to guide and assist.


So, are you ready to elevate your smoking sessions? Ready to bask in the compliments and nods of appreciation from peers? Don’t let this masterpiece slip through your fingers.


Make the AFM GLASS - THE ZEBRA B&W 9MM BEAKER - 18" yours today. Dive into the world of class, sophistication, and unmatched quality, only at Alternative Pods. Click, choose, and cherish.


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