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After Elf Bars 2023 Federal Ban, What Happens Next?


After Elf Bars 2023 Federal Ban, What Happens Next?

History of ELFBAR:

ELFBAR, a Chinese-based company founded in 2018, has established itself as a major player in the vaping industry. The company has been working hard to develop new products, particularly in the field of smart heating systems. However, the company has discovered that in recent years, there has been an increase in demand for natural-based flavours and safer vaping methods.

The mission of ELFBAR has always been to provide its customers with better tastes and smoother vaping experiences. To accomplish this, the company has designed its products with the keywords "flow, fresh, and open-minded" in mind. To meet the demands of its clients, the company conducted hundreds of experiments and developed products with the best component adaptation, pure taste, and human-oriented design.

However, the company has also been involved in a legal battle in the United States regarding its brand name. VPR Brands, a Florida-based company, filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against ELFBAR. VPR Brands applied for a trademark for the name ELF in 2017, and it was approved in 2018. VPR Brands claimed that the alleged infringement by ELFBAR would have an impact on its future sales.

Lawsuit and the Rebranding

VPR requested that Shenzhen iMiracle, ELFBAR's parent company, be barred from using the Elf Bar logo until November 2020. In February 2023, a federal judge ordered Shenzhen iMiracle to stop marketing its Elfbar e-cigarettes in the United States, adding to the ongoing trademark infringement dispute. The judge determined that VPR Brands, which manufactures and sells Elf brand vapes, is likely to prevail in its claims that the Elfbar vapes infringe on its trademark.

As a result of the court's decision, Shenzhen iMiracle decided to rebrand its Elfbar e-cigarettes as EB Design in the United States. According to the company's North American public relations manager, the company will launch its new name in March 2023, but will keep its original logo. The letters E and B in "EB Design" are Elfbar's initials. The company's American public relations manager also stated that the company would continue to focus on the US market, and that its suppliers and distributors are aware of and prepared for the name change.

In addition to rebranding, ELFBAR has worked to develop innovative products such as a smart heating system. They discovered that the demand for natural-based flavours and safer methods of vaping is increasing year after year. Their products have been designed in accordance with the ELFBAR keywords: flow, fresh, and open-minded, in order to provide better tastes and smoother vaping experiences to their customers. They have made their products with the best component adaptation, pure taste, and human-oriented design after hundreds of experiments to meet the demands of their clients.

Despite the setback with the trademark infringement lawsuit, ELFBAR remains committed to providing high-quality vaping products to their customers. With the rebranding effort in the United States now underway, the company is working to ensure that their customers are aware of the name change and that the transition is as smooth as possible.

New Name, Same Superior Quality:

The new name, EB Design, represents a new beginning for the company in the United States, and they are committed to continuing to provide innovative and high-quality vaping products to their customers under this new name. The brand’s U.S. suppliers and distributors are aware of the name change and are prepared for it, according to the company's American PR manager.

In the future, the success of ELFBAR in the United States will be determined by the quality of their products as well as their ability to build brand recognition under their new name. The company has already established a strong reputation in other markets around the world, and it is likely that they will be able to replicate that success in the United States with the same level of commitment to innovation and quality that has led to their success elsewhere.

The rebranding process will take a few weeks because the company needs to produce new EB Design vapes, update the literature and packaging, and ship them to the US market. To comply with the judge's order, the newly packaged BC5000 and BC5000 ULTRA e-cigarettes will use the "EB Design" name in the future. Retailers and distributors who continue to sell existing ELFBAR stock are not in legal jeopardy unless they receive cease-and-desist letters from VPR Brands.

What happens next?

Despite the court's decision, iMiracle is appealing the preliminary injunction and has asked Judge Cannon to stay the injunction while the appeal is being heard. In addition, one of the company's US distributors has petitioned the US Patent and Trademark Office appeal board to invalidate VPR's trademark.

In the face of a trademark dispute that forced them to change their name in the United States, EBDesign demonstrated resilience and innovation. The company's commitment to offering high-quality products with natural flavors and a safer vaping experience is admirable. Their emphasis on flow, fresh, and open-minded design has resulted in a line of products that meet their clients' needs. The rebranding to EBDesign demonstrates their dedication to adapting to and overcoming challenges in a fast-paced industry.

According to the company's North American public relations manager, the brand will keep its original logo, indicating a strong commitment to maintaining brand recognition and customer loyalty. EBDesign's quick response and action in the face of this legal dispute demonstrate the company's agility and ability to navigate complex situations. It is clear that EBDesign values its customers and is willing to go above and beyond to meet their requirements. As such, EBDesign is a vaping brand that deserves to be recognized and respected in the industry.

Finally, the rebranding of ELFBAR to EB Design in the United States marks a watershed moment for the company. Despite losing the trademark dispute, the company demonstrated tenacity and determination by rebranding itself and remaining focused on the US market.


The new EB Design products will continue to meet the same high standards for which ELFBAR was known, and the company will continue to prioritise innovation and customer satisfaction. The new name also corresponds to the company's mission of providing high-quality vaping products that meet consumer demands.

It will be interesting to see how EB Design adapts to changing market trends and regulations as the vaping industry evolves. The company is poised to make a significant impact in the industry and maintain its position as a top competitor by committing to innovation and quality.

Overall, the ELFBAR rebranding highlights the value of adaptability and resilience in the face of legal challenges. EB Design is well-positioned to continue growing and thriving in the competitive vaping market by embracing change and taking proactive measures to protect its brand.

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