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An Honest Review of I Love Salts Synthetic Nicotine Salt E-Liquid By Mad Hatter

An Honest Review of I Love Salts Synthetic Nicotine Salt E-Liquid By Mad Hatter


An Honest Review of I Love Salts Synthetic Nicotine Salt E-Liquid By Mad Hatter



The vaping community is no stranger to the wave of e-liquids that flood the market, each with its own unique selling proposition. Amongst this vast ocean of flavors, the ‘I Love Salts Synthetic Nicotine Salt E-Liquid by Mad Hatter’ stands out as a particularly fascinating contender. Having personally tested this product, here’s my unvarnished take on this popular e-liquid.

Packaging and Design

When it comes to e-liquids, aesthetics and functionality often walk hand in hand. With the 'I Love Salts Synthetic Nicotine Salt E-Liquid by Mad Hatter,' this harmonious blend is evident right from the outset. Upon first glance, the standout feature is undeniably the unicorn bottle design. This isn't merely a stylistic choice; it's an embodiment of utility. Recognized and favored by many within the vaping community, the unicorn bottle is especially lauded for its slender nozzle, which promotes ease of pouring and refilling. There's a tangible sense of practicality, especially when you're dealing with smaller refill ports on some pod systems or tanks.


The 30ml volume of the bottle is a conscious choice, striking a balance between volume and portability. Whether nestled in a purse, a backpack, or even a pocket, its size doesn't impose. Whether you're navigating the urban jungle during peak hour traffic, planning a swift weekend escape, or simply heading out for an evening stroll, this e-liquid fits seamlessly into your plans.


Aesthetic-wise, the design nuances of the bottle deserve mention. It doesn't scream for attention, instead opting for a more subdued, sophisticated look. This subtlety is a clear reflection of the brand's confidence in its product, knowing well that it’s the quality of the content that will shine through.

Nicotine Levels

Diversity in nicotine strength is pivotal. Every individual vaper has their own distinct preference, driven by past smoking habits, nicotine tolerance, and the sought-after throat hit. 'I Love Salts' astutely recognizes this and caters to a wide audience by offering a range spanning from 35mg to a whopping 50mg. This kind of range is a rarity in the vaping industry and showcases a commitment to customer satisfaction.


For newcomers transitioning from traditional cigarettes, the higher nicotine levels can mimic the nicotine rush they're accustomed to. Meanwhile, seasoned vapers, or those looking to gradually decrease their nicotine intake, can opt for the more moderate strengths. On a personal note, the 36mg was my choice, seamlessly delivering a medium-strength nicotine hit without any overwhelming harshness.

VG/PG Ratio

For the uninitiated, VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol) are the primary carriers in any e-liquid, responsible for the vapor production and flavor intensity, respectively. The choice of a 50VG/50PG split by 'I Love Salts' is both strategic and thoughtful.


This equilibrium ensures that the vaper doesn't have to compromise on any front. The vapor clouds are sufficiently dense, lending a gratifying visual appeal, especially for those who relish cloud chasing. On the flip side, the flavors don't get muddled or lost. They burst forth with clarity and intensity, a testament to the optimal PG content.

Quality of Ingredients

The crux of any e-liquid is undeniably its ingredient quality, and Mad Hatter doesn't skimp in this department. The decision to incorporate synthetic nicotine salts sets this e-liquid apart. Natural nicotine salts, while effective, can sometimes carry with them variances that lead to occasional harshness or inconsistency. By choosing the synthetic route, the brand ensures that each vaping session is uniform in its smoothness and enjoyment.

Flavor Profiles

And now, let’s dive into the real star of the show - the flavors.


Blue Raspberry: A perfect fusion of sweet and sour, this flavor feels like a carnival for your taste buds. The tartness hits you first, followed by a sweet undertone. The aftertaste is reminiscent of blue raspberry candy and leaves you craving for more.


Blue Raspberry Ice: Everything you love about the Blue Raspberry but with an added twist. The menthol undertone provides a chilling sensation, making it perfect for those hot summer days or for anyone who likes a hint of cool with their vape.


Classic Menthol: Pure, unadulterated, and icy. It’s simple, and that's its strength. For those who want to reminisce about those classic menthol cigarettes, this is the e-liquid to go for.


Classic Tobacco: The nutty aroma and rich flavor profile are genuinely top-notch. This flavor is not just for ex-smokers, but for anyone who wants to experience the warm embrace of cured tobacco.


Juicy Apples: It’s like biting into a fresh apple on a cool autumn day. The flavor is crisp, clean, and oh-so-refreshing. If fruit flavors are your forte, the Juicy Apples is a must-try.


What stands out with this product is its holistic approach to crafting an e-liquid. It doesn’t just stop at offering you a symphony of flavors; it goes beyond. The meticulous balance in its VG/PG ratio, the thoughtfulness in nicotine level variations, and the dedication to high-grade ingredients all converge to offer a vaping experience that's both authentic and satisfying.


Diving into the flavor profiles, the assortment is nothing short of impressive. Whether your taste buds lean towards the tangy and sweet or the classic and robust, the spectrum of flavors ensures that you're not left wanting. It's like a vast palette of colors, each shade unique and vibrant, ready to paint your vaping experience in its own distinct hue.

Buy It From Alternative Pods!


alternative pods logo


For those pondering where to procure this gem of an e-liquid, Alternative Pods emerges as a trusted and reliable platform. Stocked with a myriad of flavors from the "I Love Salts" line, it's a one-stop-shop for all your vaping desires. Navigating their site, you'll find detailed descriptions and customer reviews, helping you make an informed choice tailored to your preferences.


In closing, if you're standing at the crossroads of indecision, take a leap of faith with "I Love Salts Synthetic Nicotine Salt E-Liquid by Mad Hatter." It’s a testament to what happens when passion meets expertise. Wishing you a transcendent and joy-filled vaping journey ahead!



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