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Are Coils Made To Reuse?

Are Coils Made To Reuse?


Are Coils Made To Reuse?

Regular vapers know that vape coils are an integral feature of their vaporizers. These tiny cylinders are resistance wires that heat up when electricity is delivered through them (they are typically made of titanium, stainless steel, or nickel). When you inhale vapor from an electronic cigarette, this is what happens.


Most vape coils need to be replaced every week to four weeks. To save money in the long run, however, some seasoned vapers have figured out how to clean and reuse their coils.


This blog will examine vape coils in depth to determine if they can be disassembled, cleaned, and used again. If you decide to give it a shot, we'll also give you some pointers on how to clean your coils.

What are Vape Coils?


Vape coils, a fundamental part of the vaping experience, play a pivotal role in the operation of vaporizers. These coils serve as the heart of the vaporizer, tasked with the critical job of converting e-juice into the satisfying vapor that enthusiasts chase.

Materials and Construction

While they might look simple, these coils are the result of careful engineering. Typically crafted from metals such as stainless steel, kanthal, or nichrome, these materials are chosen for their heat-resistant properties and their ability to conduct electricity efficiently. These metals ensure that the coil heats up quickly and evenly, providing a consistent vaping experience.

Mechanism of Action

At its core, the principle of operation for vape coils is quite straightforward. When power is applied to the vaporizer, an electric current courses through the metal wire coil. As this current flows, it generates heat, thereby raising the temperature of the coil. Once the coil reaches the desired temperature, it begins to vaporize the e-juice that is in contact with it. Depending on the power level or wattage set on the vaporizer, the coil can get hotter faster. A higher wattage typically translates to a hotter coil, which in turn can produce more vapor in a shorter amount of time.

The Debate on Cleaning Vape Coils


A frequently asked question in the vaping community is whether one can clean and reuse vape coils. While the simple answer leans towards a "yes," it’s essential to tread this path with caution.

Why Cleaning Might Not Always Be the Best Option


Degradation over Time: Every time a vape coil is used, it undergoes wear and tear due to the continuous heating and cooling cycles. This natural process means that over time, regardless of how meticulously you maintain it, the coil's efficiency and performance will drop.


Partial Restoration: Even with the best cleaning methods, a used coil might never return to its original state of performance. One of the dreaded outcomes after cleaning is the occurrence of "dry hits." These are instances where the vapor tastes burnt and harsh, not only making the vaping experience unpleasant but also putting additional strain on the coil, accelerating its degradation.

When Cleaning Makes Sense

Despite the drawbacks, there are scenarios where cleaning your coil can be advantageous:


Accidental Burns: Sometimes, we might forget to refill our tanks, leading to dry burns. In such cases, cleaning the coil can help remove the burnt residue and give the coil a slightly extended life.


Economic Constraints: There might be situations where getting a replacement coil becomes a challenge, either due to availability issues or financial constraints. In such cases, cleaning and maintaining your existing coil can act as a temporary solution until a new one can be acquired.

 Cleaning Your Vape Coils


Over time, the residue of e-juice can accumulate on your vape coil, potentially altering the flavor of your vapor or causing unpleasant dry hits. While replacing the coil is often the most effective solution, cleaning can act as a temporary measure to extend its lifespan. If you've chosen to tread the path of cleaning, it's crucial to be methodical and gentle to ensure you don’t damage the coil. Here's an in-depth guide to cleaning your vape coil with precision:


Safety First: Before starting, ensure your vaporizer is turned off and disconnected from any power source to prevent accidental activation.

Work Area: Set up a clean workspace. Having paper towels, a small bowl, and possibly some tweezers will be helpful.

Wick Removal:

  • Carefully disassemble your vaporizer to access the coil.
  • Using tweezers or your fingers, gently remove the wick from the coil. If you're using a rebuildable atomizer, this will be straightforward. However, for pre-made coils, this might not always be possible without risking damage to the coil.

Initial Rinse:

  • Hold the coil under warm (not hot) running water. The goal here is to wash away the most obvious residues of e-juice and any large particles.
  • Rotate the coil under the stream to ensure all sides are adequately rinsed.
  • Gently tap the coil against a paper towel to remove excess water.

Deep Cleaning:

  • Fill a small bowl with near-boiling water. The hot water will act as a solvent, helping to break down stubborn residues that might still be clinging to the coil.
  • Submerge the coil fully in the water. Let it sit and soak for approximately 20-30 minutes. This soak will help in dissolving any deep-seated grime.
  • Optional: For an even more thorough clean, you can consider using a mixture of equal parts distilled water and clear alcohol (like vodka) instead of plain water. But remember to rinse the coil with distilled water thoroughly if you take this route.


  • After the soak, remove the coil from the bowl and gently tap it on a paper towel to eliminate excess water.
  • Allow the coil to air dry completely. This can take several hours, but it's crucial to ensure there's no moisture left, as this can cause short-circuits or negatively affect performance.
  • Optional: If you're in a hurry, you can use compressed air to speed up the drying process. Ensure you're blowing air gently and from a distance to avoid damage.


  • Once you're confident that the coil is bone dry, you can reinstall it into your vaporizer.
  • If you had removed the wick earlier, make sure to replace it with a new, fresh piece.
  • Reassemble your device, ensuring everything fits snugly and correctly.


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After these steps, fill your tank, and allow the e-juice to saturate the wick fully before vaping. This cleaning method, when done correctly, can help enhance your vaping experience, but remember: coils do have a finite life. If you find the performance is still lacking after cleaning, it might be time to invest in a new coil. And for that, you have Alternative Pods! We have a variety of coils for your vapes and devices. So, explore and buy it away!


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