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Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid 120ML (2 x 60ml)

Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid 120ML (2 x 60ml)


Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid 120ML (2 x 60ml)


Unveiling the Perfect Vape Experience for Discerning Vapers!

Finding an e-liquid that satisfies your needs in terms of flavor, quality, and overall experience can be a challenging endeavor in the world of vaping.

We were able to find a secret treasure that exceeded all of our hopes, and that is the Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid 120ML  (2 x 60ml) available for only 14.99$ on your trusted vape-selling website Alternative Pods!


Badger Hill Reserve is a well-known brand in the vape products business. They are famous for their dedication to quality and the original flavor profiles that they create. Badger Hill Reserve has amassed a devoted fan base of vapers who are looking for the absolute pinnacle of vaping experience as a direct result of the company's unyielding commitment to the production of great e-liquids. 

Each product that comes from this company is a demonstration of their knowledge and dedication to providing customers with a unique and unforgettable vaping experience.


Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid 120ML  (2 x 60ml); This magnificent e-liquid, which was crafted with precision and finesse, will provide you with a vaping experience so satisfying that you won't be able to get enough of it. Come along with us as we explore the depths of this incredible vape juice and find the one-of-a-kind features it possesses:


Feasible Packaging: The sumptuous Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid is packaged in a bottle with a capacity of 120 milliliters, which is then subdivided into two bottles with a capacity of 60 milliliters each. As a result of the meticulous curation of a selection of enticing tastes that appeal to a wide spectrum of palates, the brand has become a popular option not only for inexperienced vapers but also for more seasoned fans.


Exploring the Flavorful World of Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid

Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid is renowned for its commitment to crafting exceptional flavors that cater to the diverse tastes of vapers. Let's take a closer look at their delightful range of flavors, each offering a unique and unforgettable vaping experience.


American Way; A Classic Tobacco Delight: For vapers who appreciate the timeless allure of traditional tobacco, Badger Hill Reserve presents the "American Way." This flavor captures the essence of rich, smooth tobacco leaves, delivering a truly satisfying vaping experience reminiscent of the golden age of tobacco. Immerse yourself in the familiar and comforting notes of the American Way, offering a journey into the heart of classic tobacco goodness.


Brown Sugar; Sweet Euphoria: This e-liquid captures the rich and delectable essence of brown sugar, creating a vaping experience that satisfies cravings for a sweet and decadent treat. Each inhale envelops the palate in a warm embrace of caramelized sweetness, providing an irresistible vaping adventure.

Indulge your sweet tooth with the irresistible "Brown Sugar" flavor from Badger Hill Reserve!


Classic; A Timeless Delight: True to its name, the "Classic" flavor from Badger Hill Reserve is a tribute to the tried and true. With its carefully curated blend of flavors, Classic evokes a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of a time when simplicity and elegance were at the forefront. Immerse yourself in the smooth and balanced notes, allowing you to savor the essence of timeless elegance with every inhale.


Menthol; A Refreshing Frost: For vapers seeking a refreshing and invigorating experience, "Menthol" is the flavor of choice. This icy delight from Badger Hill Reserve delivers a chilling blast of menthol, awakening the senses and providing an instant coolness. Perfectly balanced to avoid overpowering the flavor, the Menthol e-liquid invigorates the palate, leaving a crisp and refreshing sensation with each exhale.


Milk & Honey; Creamy Indulgence! Prepare you for a luscious journey into creamy delight with "Milk & Honey" from Badger Hill Reserve. This flavor combination harmonizes the smoothness of milk with the subtle sweetness of honey, resulting in a velvety and decadent vaping experience. Immerse yourself in the silky clouds and delight in the luxurious creaminess that Milk & Honey offers.


Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid presents a range of flavors that captivate the senses and cater to the diverse preferences of vapers.


A noticeable point is that each flavor is available in 3 different nicotine strengths to match your vaping needs.


Range of Nicotine Strengths: Tailoring Your Vaping Experience

When it comes to vaping, personalization is key. Finding the perfect nicotine strength is an integral part of tailoring your vaping experience to suit your preferences. Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid understands this need for customization and offers a range of nicotine strengths to accommodate vapers of all kinds. 

The available options are: 

  • 0mg
  • 3mg
  • 6mg


0mg: Nicotine-Free Bliss: For those who have transitioned away from nicotine or never had an affinity for it, Badger Hill Reserve presents its 0mg nicotine strength option. This level of nicotine-free bliss allows vapers to indulge in the flavors they love without the stimulating effects of nicotine. It's the ideal choice for vapers who simply enjoy the act of vaping and the delightful taste profiles offered by Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid.


3mg: A Mild Nicotine Boost: For vapers seeking a subtle nicotine experience, Badger Hill Reserve offers their 3mg nicotine strength. This option caters to individuals who enjoy a slight nicotine presence without overpowering their taste buds or creating an intense throat hit. With 3mg, vapers can strike a balance between flavor appreciation and a mild nicotine effect.


The 3mg nicotine strength is ideal for those who are transitioning from higher nicotine levels or wish to enjoy a milder vaping experience. 


6mg: A Moderately Robust Nicotine Kick:  Vapers who prefer a more pronounced nicotine effect while still indulging in the captivating flavors of Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid can opt for the 6mg nicotine strength. 


With 6mg nicotine strength, vapers can experience a heightened sensation while still enjoying the carefully crafted flavor profiles. The nicotine presence adds an extra layer of satisfaction, amplifying the overall vaping experience without overpowering the taste buds.  


It's important to note that nicotine strengths are a personal choice and should be selected based on individual tolerance, needs, and preferences.


Get Badger Hill Reserve E-Liquid 120ML (2 x 60ml) now, from Alternative Pods!


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