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Evo Bar X Ooze ET5000 Features Review


Evo Bar X Ooze ET5000 Features Review


The EVO BAR X OOZE ET5000 is a disposable vape pen that provides a hassle-free and convenient vaping experience. Let's examine the specific features and specifications of this device:

E-liquid Capacity

The EVO BAR X OOZE ET5000 disposable vape features an impressive 13ml e-liquid capacity, allowing users to enjoy a satisfying and uninterrupted vaping session. With this capacious e-liquid tank, vapers can enjoy lengthy periods without the hassle of frequent refills. The 13ml storage capacity enables the storage of ample quantities of e-liquid, allowing for consistent and gratifying vapor production without the need for constant monitoring or interruption.

Nicotine Strength

The EVO BAR X OOZE ET5000 disposable vaporizer is equipped with a carefully selected 5% nicotine strength to meet the preferences of a wide variety of vapers. This nicotine concentration achieves the ideal balance for vapers who prefer a moderate nicotine hit. It provides a pleasant experience without overwhelming the senses, allowing users to savor the flavors and sensations of vaping while satisfying their nicotine needs.

Battery Capacity

The EVO BAR X OOZE ET5000 disposable vaporizer features a dependable 650mAh battery that drives the device's performance. The battery capacity plays a critical role in determining how long a device can be used before being recharged or discarded. With the substantial 650mAh battery capacity, users can anticipate a satisfactory vaping duration, allowing them to indulge in their favored flavors and enjoy vaping sessions without the constant fear of the battery running out.


The EVO BAR X OOZE ET5000 disposable vape's large battery capacity ensures that users can enjoy a substantial number of breaths before needing to recharge or dispose of the device, adding to its convenience and dependability.


The EVO BAR X OOZE ET5000 disposable vape is intended to provide users with an astounding 5000 puffs, demonstrating its durability and ability to accommodate extended vaping sessions. The puff count is the approximate number of puffs that can be taken from the device before it reaches its depletion point. With 5000 puffs available, vapers can undoubtedly enjoy their vaping experience without worrying about running out of vapor or having to replace the device too soon.


This high puff count ensures that users can enjoy their preferred flavors and nicotine hit for an extended period, making it an ideal vaping companion for those searching for a long-lasting and gratifying vaping companion.

Charging Port

The EVO BAR X OOZE ET5000 disposable vape features a Type-C charging port, which contributes to its contemporary and adaptable appeal. This device is distinguished from its predecessors by its use of a Type-C port, which offers quicker charging speeds and increased convenience. With this advanced charging interface, users can anticipate a significantly reduced charging time, allowing them to rapidly recharge the device between vaping sessions.


The Type-C charging port is designed to facilitate simple and hassle-free recharging, allowing users to quickly restore power to their EVO BAR X OOZE ET5000 when the battery level is low. This enhanced charging feature makes the device more efficient and user-friendly for individuals on the go.


The EVO BAR X OOZE ET5000 is specifically designed as a non-refillable vaping device, providing consumers with a simple and hassle-free vaping experience. In contrast to refillable devices, which require manual refilling of e-liquid, this device is pre-filled and available to use immediately upon opening the packaging. Once the initial supply of e-liquid has been depleted, users are unable to add additional e-liquid to the device.


This design element provides a substantial benefit in terms of simplicity and convenience. Users need not fret about the complexities of refilling, thereby avoiding potential spills and messy situations. They can simply vape until the e-liquid runs out and then dispose of the device in a responsible manner.

Fully Disposable

The EVO BAR X OOZE ET5000 disposable vaping device was designed to be a single-use item. This means that it does not necessitate the typical maintenance or upkeep required of reusable vaporization devices. Once the e-liquid or battery is depleted, users can dispose of the entire device without sanitizing it, replacing the coil, or performing any other maintenance tasks.


This device's disposable nature eliminates the maintenance burden, making it ideal for users who prefer a straightforward and trouble-free vapor experience. In addition, the device's completely impermanent nature contributes to its portability and convenience. Users can utilize the device until the end of its lifespan without needing to transport additional e-liquid bottles or charging cables. Once the device has served its purpose, users can dispose of it responsibly, knowing they can obtain a new disposable vape device whenever needed.

Want to Try the Amazing Flavors of EVO?

Alternative Pods is the leading online retailer of EVO BAR X OOZE ET5000 disposable vaporizer devices. Explore their extensive flavor selection, which features Berry Blast, Fruit Punch, Spearmint, Strawberry Lychee, and Watermelon Slushie. Each flavor provides a distinct and enjoyable vaporizer experience.


Alternative Pods offer the Berry Blast flavor, which combines an assortment of delectable berries for a delightful vaping experience. Take advantage of the 650mAh battery and 5000 breaths, in addition to the Type-C charging port. Shop now to experience the ideal vaporizer companion for on-the-go use.


Fruit Punch is an entirely disposable, all-in-one system that provides a scrumptious fruity blend. This flavor is certain to provide a gratifying vaping experience with its 13ml e-liquid capacity and 5% nicotine content. Don't neglect to stock up on quality chargers to maintain the functionality of your battery.


Need a revitalizing minty taste? Simply opt for the Spearmint variant. This system enables you to vape without the inconvenience of refilling. You can enjoy a long-lasting and minty-fresh vaping experience with its 650mAh battery capacity, 5% nicotine potency, and 5000 puffs per charge. Get yours now!


Strawberry Lychee flavor offers a delectable combination of sweet strawberries and exotic lychee. It is ideal for those seeking a flavorful and invigorating vaping experience. This flavor is available at Alternative Pods and will make your vaping sessions more enjoyable.


Try the Watermelon Slushie for the quintessential summer vape. Every puff of this flavor provides a revitalizing and cooling sensation. With a 650mAh battery, 13ml e-liquid capacity, and the capacity to be refilled up to three times, this flavor ensures that you can enjoy the delectable watermelon slushie flavor for an extended period of time.

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Don't pass up these delicious flavors! Visit Alternative Pods today to find the EVO BAR X OOZE ET5000 disposable vape device that will satisfy your cravings. Elevate your vaping experience to new heights by shopping now.


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