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Flavor Profiles of Hyde I.D Recharge Disposable Vape

Flavor Profiles of Hyde I.D Recharge Disposable Vape


Flavor Profiles of Hyde I.D Recharge Disposable Vape


The Hyde I.D Recharge Disposable Vape is a revolutionary addition to the vaping scene, boasting a unique design that is both functional and stylish. With its distinctive box-style shape, it nestles comfortably in the hand, ensuring an ergonomic grip that’s ideal for on-the-go use. What sets this device apart is its rechargeable 650mAh battery, a rarity for disposables, which guarantees extended use. Its generous 10mL e-liquid capacity, coupled with an impressive 4500 puff count, means that vapers can enjoy their favorite flavors for longer durations. In addition, the device offers a slightly looser MTL draw, a boon for those who prefer less airflow restriction and a more flavor-rich vaping experience. The cherry on top? Charging is made simple with a Micro USB Charger, although it's sold separately. This device is a blend of innovation, convenience, and design, making it a standout choice for vaping enthusiasts.


Here, we'll delve into the diverse flavor profiles that Hyde I.D offers, and guide you on what flavors might be most suitable for your taste buds.

1. Cali Melon

The Cali Melon flavor offers an authentic recreation of a juicy and ripe melon. The first puff delivers the natural sweetness of melon, while the exhale leaves a refreshing aftertaste. It's a great option for users who enjoy the bright, fresh taste of fruity vapes.

2. Cool Mint

The Cool Mint flavor is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. Its menthol-infused profile gives a refreshing kick with each puff, which is perfect for those who seek a soothing and invigorating vaping experience.

3. Dragon Fruit Lemonade

The Dragon Fruit Lemonade brings together the exotic taste of dragon fruit with the citrusy twist of lemonade. The result is a perfectly balanced blend of sweet and tangy flavors that are refreshing and delightful. This flavor is ideal for vapers who love a unique, tropical touch in their vaping experience.

4. Fuji Apple

The Fuji Apple flavor is a classic favorite, offering the crisp and sweet taste of ripe Fuji apples. It's an excellent option for vapers who enjoy the sweet and slightly tangy flavor of this popular fruit.

5. Lemon Iced Tea

The Lemon Iced Tea flavor captures the essence of a cool, refreshing glass of iced tea with a hint of lemon. The combination of sweet tea with tart lemon offers a balanced and refreshing flavor profile that tea lovers will undoubtedly appreciate.

6. Peach Lemon

The Peach Lemon flavor combines the succulent taste of peaches with the zesty tang of lemon. This flavor is perfect for vapers who enjoy the harmony of sweet and citrusy notes.

7. Philippine Mango

The Philippine Mango flavor offers the tropical sweetness of ripe mangoes. It's an exotic taste that will transport vapers to a tropical island. This flavor is ideal for those who love sweet, fruity vapes.

8. Raspberry Orange Lemonade

The Raspberry Orange Lemonade flavor offers a triple threat of fruits. The tartness of raspberry, the sweetness of orange, and the sourness of lemonade create a balanced and bold flavor. This profile is perfect for vapers who like a multi-layered, citrusy fruit blend.

9. Strawberry B-Day

Strawberry B-Day presents the sweet, sugary flavor of a strawberry birthday cake. It's a decadent treat that is sure to satisfy vapers with a sweet tooth.

10. Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice blends the sweetness of strawberries with a cool menthol finish. This flavor is excellent for vapers who like a combination of sweet and cool sensations in their vape.

11. Strawberry Pina Colada

Strawberry Pina Colada offers the tropical taste of a pina colada with a twist of strawberry. The result is a sweet and tangy flavor that is ideal for vapers who love beachy, cocktail-inspired vapes.

12. Watermelon Ice Cream

The Watermelon Ice Cream flavor presents a unique blend of ripe watermelon and creamy ice cream. It's a delightful, creamy, and fruity flavor that dessert-loving vapers will adore.

13. Blue Razz Ice

Blue Razz Ice features a cool blend of tangy blue raspberry and chilling menthol. It's the perfect flavor for those who seek a balance between tart and refreshing.

14. Lemon Cookies

The Lemon Cookies flavor offers a tangy twist to a sweet treat. The rich, buttery taste of cookies meets the zesty zing of lemons in this unique flavor, ideal for vapers who enjoy dessert vapes with a little bit of tang.

15. Peach Mango Pineapple Strawberry

Peach Mango Pineapple Strawberry combines the sweetness of peaches, mangoes, and strawberries with the tartness of pineapple. This flavor is excellent for vapers who enjoy a burst of tropical fruit flavors in every puff.

16. Strawberry Blackberry Lemonade

Strawberry Blackberry Lemonade offers a sweet and tart combination of strawberries and blackberries with a citrusy lemonade twist. This unique flavor profile is perfect for those who appreciate a refreshing mix of fruit and citrus in their vape.


From the classic fruity blends to the more adventurous dessert profiles, Hyde I.D's range of flavors caters to a wide variety of vapers. Its rechargeable battery, high puff count, and comfortable design ensure that users can enjoy their chosen flavor profiles at their convenience, enhancing the overall vaping experience. Whether you are a fan of refreshing fruit blends, cooling mint, or sweet dessert flavors, there's a Hyde I.D flavor that will match your preferences.

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Eager to embark on a truly immersive vaping journey? The Hyde I.D Recharge Disposable Vape promises not just a device, but an experience like no other, with its rich flavors and unparalleled design. Whether you're a fan of fruity tones, or you crave the refreshing kick of mint, there's a flavor waiting just for you. And where better to find this exceptional range than at Alternative Pods?


Don't let this opportunity slip away. Head over to Alternative Pods today and select from the wide array of flavors on offer. Ensure your vaping sessions are nothing short of extraordinary. Treat yourself, you deserve the best!

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