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Fun Activities to Do at a Vaping Party

Fun Activities to Do at a Vaping Party


Fun Activities to Do at a Vaping Party

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Vaping parties have surged in popularity as enthusiasts gather to share their love for e-cigarettes, explore different flavors, and socialize. While the primary activity at these parties is vaping, incorporating fun activities can make the event memorable and keep guests entertained. If you're planning on throwing a vaping party, consider adding the following engaging activities to make it a hit.

Vape Flavor Tasting

The vape flavor tasting event can be likened to wine tasting. The differences in blends, notes, and the underlying essence of each flavor make this activity a must-have.


Design a sophisticated setting by placing a variety of e-juice flavors in crystal-clear glass bottles. Accompany each with a placard detailing its ingredients and origin. Fresh coils and cotton for rebuildable devices are essential to ensure that each flavor's essence is captured purely. The setting should also include palate cleansers like plain crackers or water to ensure guests can differentiate between each flavor.

How to Play:

Provide guests with a tasting card. They can note their first impressions, the aftertaste, and rate the flavor on a scale of 1 to 10. To heighten the experience, consider having a 'blind tasting' where guests guess the flavors before revealing them. Conclude by sharing everyone's top picks.

Cloud Competitions

These competitions have become central to vape culture, with winners often taking away significant prizes.


Choose an outdoor space or a room with high ceilings. Create a marked starting line and finish line. Set up a fan at the end to disperse the vapor after each attempt.

How to Play:

Contestants stand at the starting line, inhale, and blow out the vapor towards the finish line. Judges measure the cloud's diameter or its distance traveled. Winners can be categorized: largest cloud, densest cloud, or longest-lasting.

Trick Tutorials

Much like skateboarders or dancers, vapers have developed a variety of tricks that require skill and practice.


Have a projector show online tutorials from renowned vapers. Ensure seating is arranged so everyone has a clear view.

How to Play:

Seasoned vapers demonstrate tricks, breaking down the steps for each. Attendees then pair up to practice, with experienced vapers guiding beginners. Conclude with a trick showcase where attendees show off their newly learned skills.

Mixologist Booth

Creating the perfect flavor blend is an art.


Picture a scientist's lab. Have beakers, pipettes, and mixers. Display the unflavored e-juice and a palette of flavor concentrates clearly labeled with their profiles.


After a brief introduction to blending basics, guests can experiment with combinations. They can take home samples of their concoctions. Note: Always display safety and health warnings, especially regarding nicotine.

Vape Gear Swap

Think of this as a techy flea market for vapers.


Have tables labeled by category: mods, tanks, coils, etc. Ensure there's a system for tagging items with the owner's name and desired swap.

How to Play:

Guests browse, negotiate, and finalize swaps. Not only does this facilitate exchanges but also sparks conversations about gear preferences.

Themed Costume Party

Elevate your vape party to another level with a dash of theatrical flair. As every puff transforms into a floating cloud, allow your guests to similarly transform into captivating characters.

Theme Ideas:

While cloud-shaped costumes or steam punk themes are obvious choices, consider expanding the horizon. Iconic personalities who were known smokers in history, or modern fictional characters seen vaping in movies or TV shows, can be brought to life. Imagine a room filled with Sherlock Holmeses, Gandalfs, or even modern-day vape influencers.


Make a makeshift runway using carpets or simply mark an area where your guests can show off their creativity. Ramp up the excitement by inviting a local celebrity, a popular influencer from the vaping community, or even a local fashionista to be the judge. A themed photo booth corner can also capture the evening's transformations.

Vape Quiz Night

Knowledge is cloud power! A quiz night can be an engaging way to bring everyone together.


A dimly lit room, illuminated by the screen displaying questions, can set the mood. Equip each team with buzzers or bells, making sure they are loud enough to be heard over the excited chatter.

How to Play:

Questions can range from the history of vaping, famous personalities associated with it, to deciphering complex vape terminologies. To make things more interesting, include rounds like charades where participants act out certain vape-related terms, or a rapid-fire round for added adrenaline.

DIY Coil Building Workshop

Understanding the heart of a vape device can be as intriguing as the clouds it produces.


Arrange long tables equipped with mats, to lay down the coil building tools. For precision, provide magnifying glasses or even simple headlamps. Organize wires by type and thickness, and place cotton bundles neatly in baskets.


Start the session with a professional or seasoned coil builder giving a demonstration. Using a projector to show close-ups can be beneficial. Post-demonstration, let your guests try building coils under the guidance of the pros. A troubleshooting corner can be a great addition, allowing guests to perfect their coils.

Karaoke with a Twist

Music and vaping, a combo that's hard to resist!


Center the stage with good lighting and a robust sound system. Create a song catalog and, for added quirk, include vape-inspired songs or parodies of popular tracks.


As singers get lost in the music, add a rule to spice things up: every time they hit a high note, or whenever the audience claps in rhythm, they must take a celebratory vape puff. It not only adds a fun challenge but also brings about some hilarious moments.

Vape Themed Pictionary

Add a touch of artistry to the party with this crowd-pleaser.


Position a whiteboard or a digital drawing pad where everyone can see. Prepare cards with vape-related terms, ranging from easy to hard.

How to Play:

The essence remains the same, but with vape-centric words, the drawings can be unpredictable and hilariously off-mark. From drawing complex mods to expressing the sensation of a specific flavor, the possibilities are endless.

Vape Storytelling Session

Behind every vaper is a tale waiting to be told.


Create an intimate setting. Soft fairy lights, comfortable bean bags or cushions, and a faux fireplace can amplify the cozy atmosphere.


Give the stage to attendees, letting them share their unique journeys. Stories can range from a heartfelt recount of transitioning from smoking to vaping, hilarious mishaps, or even spooky tales of vapor ghosts! Encourage applause, interaction, and above all, connection.

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