Geek Vape Joins The Disposable Race With RAZ 6,000 Puffs !

Geek Vape Joins The Disposable Race With RAZ 6,000 Puffs !

Geekvape Joined the Race with Raz

Geek Vape Raz 6000 puffs



As vaping becomes more popular throughout the world, the rivalry among vaping businesses to provide the finest flavors and devices for users heats up. Geekvape, one of the most well-known vaping companies, is well-known for its creative products and user-friendly designs. The company just unveiled a new disposable vape device titled Raz CA6000, which is intended to compete with the market's leading disposable vape devices, such as Puff Bar and Posh Plus.


Flavor Range of Raz CA6000

The taste profiles provided by the Raz CA6000 disposable vape device are one of its most striking features. The device comes with 10ml of e-liquid, which is enough for 6000 puffs. The nicotine concentration in the e-liquid is 5% or 50mg salt nicotine, ensuring a pleasing dose that's not overly harsh on the throat. The Raz CA6000 disposable vape device is available in ten various flavors, each with its own distinct flavor that is sure to gratify vapers' taste buds.

Alaskan Mint flavor

The Geekvape Raz CA6000's Alaskan Mint flavor is consistently ranked as one of the company's most demanded options. Because this flavor profile is a blend of chilly menthol and cool peppermint, it is excellent for individuals who appreciate a hit that is both reviving and minty.

Crushed Berries

Vapers who want scents that are both fruity and sweet should give the Crushed Berries flavor a try.  This flavor profile is created by combining the different flavors of a variety of berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, which results in a flavor that is both sweet and tart.

Dragon Fruit Lemonade

The Dragon Fruit Lemonade taste is a wonderful choice for vapers who enjoy unique flavors. This flavor profile combines sweet dragon fruit with zesty lemonade to create a distinct and exotic taste.

Hawaii Sunset flavor

The Hawaii Sunset flavor is another fantastic exotic flavor offered by Geekvape Raz CA6000. This flavor profile combines sweet pineapple, juicy oranges, and ripe strawberries to produce a tropical and pleasant flavor.


Frozen Strawberry

Geekvape Raz CA6000's Frozen Strawberry flavored is a perfect choice for vapers who appreciate the taste of sweet and juicy strawberries. This fruity flavor combines juicy strawberries and chilly menthol to create a delightful and delicious flavor and aroma.

Georgia Peach and Peach Pear

Georgia Peach and Peach Pear flavors are fantastic options for vapers who prefer the taste of peach. Georgia Peach flavor profile combines sweet and juicy peaches, whereas the Peach Pear flavor profile combines sweet peaches and juicy pears.

Spearmint and Strawberry Kiwi

The Geekvape Raz CA6000 comes in a variety of flavors, one of which is a classic mint taste called Spearmint. This flavor is ideal for vapers who prefer a hit that is both refreshing and cooling. This flavor profile features a combination of sweet spearmint and chilly menthol, which results in a taste that is both refreshing and minty. Vapers who appreciate the taste of juicy strawberries and tangy kiwi should consider trying the Strawberry Kiwi flavor. It is another wonderful fruity option available to vapers.

Watermelon Ice

Last but not least, for vapers that appreciate the taste of sweet and juicy watermelon, the Geekvape Raz CA6000's Watermelon Ice flavor is an excellent choice. Its flavor profile consists of ripe watermelon and chilly menthol, which when combined together produce a taste that is both invigorating and delightful.

Innovative Technology Device

Aside from the great taste profiles provided by the Geekvape Raz CA6000, the vape also includes new technology that distinguishes it from other disposable vape devices on the market.


  • Adjustable airflow function: The adjustable airflow function allows a user to fine-tune the intake, allowing them to have a tight or relaxed draw. This feature enables vapers to tailor their vaping experience to their preferences.


  • Smart LED indicator: The smart LED indication reduces the difficulty of guessing how much juice is left in the vape, ensuring that users never run out of e-liquid abruptly. The revolutionary battery LED indication alerts users when it is time to recharge the device, ensuring that it is always ready to use.


  • Anti-leak technology: Anti-leak method guarantees that the e-liquid remains in the device and does not leak, preventing users from squandering their e-liquid and causing a mess.


  • Mesh coils: Mesh coils are the coil type used in the Geekvape Raz CA6000 disposable vape device. Mesh coils provide a bigger surface area than standard coils, allowing for more vapor and flavor. Mesh coils offer a longer lifespan than standard coils, ensuring that users receive the most bang for their buck.

Design of GeekVape Raz CA6000

The Geekvape Raz CA6000 disposable vape device's design is also noteworthy. The device features a box hand-held style that is simple to clutch and manage. The leather grip lends a touch of refinement to the gadget while also ensuring a comfortable hold for users. The lanyard hook allows users to carry the device with them wherever they go, making it a perfect solution for on-the-go vapers.

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