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Guide to Recognizing and Addressing Vape Wear and Tear

Guide to Recognizing and Addressing Vape Wear and Tear


Guide to Recognizing and Addressing Vape Wear and Tear




Every vaping device, regardless of its type, will eventually require some form of replacement. Sometimes it's just parts like the coil, while other times the entire device may need changing. Recognizing when this is needed is crucial.


There are signs, some obvious and some not so much, that indicate a deteriorating vape. This guide will walk you through these signs, helping you decide when it's time to switch out components or the entire device.

Key Signs Your Vape or Its Parts May Need Replacement

Distinct Burnt Flavor: The most glaring indication is a burnt taste, persisting regardless of changing flavors. This is due to the coils burning too much over time, leading to the juice burning rather than vaporizing. Besides the taste, this could also cause the inhalation of harmful compounds. The immediate action recommended is cleaning the device or potentially changing the coil if it's worn out.


Gurgling Noise During Use: If you notice a gurgling sound as you vape, your coil might be the culprit. The coil may not be heating sufficiently, possibly due to a weakening battery. However, in most instances, the issue is a non-functional coil, necessitating its replacement.


Leakage Issues: Leaking e-liquid often points to a defective coil. Besides potentially harming other parts of your vape, leaks can ruin your vaping experience and could be harmful if ingested. If you see leakage, inspect all components. If the coil is the leak source, replace it promptly.


Altered E-Juice Taste: A deviation in your vape juice's usual flavor can hint at a coil issue. A faulty coil can modify the e-liquid's taste. Swapping the old coil with a new one might bring back the regular taste.


Diminished Vapor Output: If you notice weaker vapor production, the coil might not be heating the e-liquid effectively. This is common for frequent vapers. The solution typically involves getting a new coil and ensuring the device is well-charged.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Vape Coils:

1. Dismantling Your Vape

Prepare Your Workspace: Before starting, ensure you're working on a clean, flat surface. This will not only keep your parts safe from being misplaced but also prevent any accidental spills or damage.


Unscrewing the Mouthpiece: Hold your vape device firmly and begin by gently twisting the mouthpiece counter-clockwise to unscrew it. Make sure to do this slowly to avoid any damage to the threading.


Locate the Coil Housing: In many devices, the coil is placed in a tank located directly below the mouthpiece. Once you've removed the mouthpiece, you should be able to see the coil or the tank that contains it.

2. Removing the Old Coil

Handle with Care: The coil is a delicate component. When you're about to remove it, ensure your hands are dry and clean to get a good grip.


Twist and Remove: Grasp the coil firmly and twist it counter-clockwise. It should come off with a gentle twist, but if you feel any resistance, don't force it. Instead, recheck if you're turning it the right way.


Anticipate E-Juice Residue: As you remove the coil, some e-juice might still be present on it. Having a paper towel or a clean cloth handy can help in wiping off this residue and keeping your hands clean.

3. Installing the New Coil

Prepping the Coil: Before you place the new coil into the device, it's a good idea to prime it. Drip a few drops of e-juice onto the wick of the coil. This ensures that when you first activate your vape, the coil doesn't burn out due to dryness.


Compatibility Check: Always cross-reference with the manufacturer's guidelines or the user manual to ensure the coil you're about to use is compatible with your device. Using incompatible coils can lead to malfunctions or even damage your device.


Affixing the New Coil: Hold the coil upright and gently screw it in a clockwise direction into its designated spot. Make sure it's firmly in place, but don't over-tighten as this can damage the threads.

4. Testing Your Vape After Coil Replacement:

Initial Safety Check: Before you power up your vape, check for any visible leaks or misalignments. Make sure all parts are secured properly.


Power On and Test: Activate your vape and take a gentle draw. Pay attention to the taste, the amount of vapor produced, and any unusual sounds. Your device should operate smoothly without any hitches.


Check for Consistency: Take a few more draws to ensure consistent performance. If everything seems in order, then you've successfully changed your vape coil!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time frame for vape coil longevity?

Typically, vape coils last between 7-21 days, based on usage frequency. Around a month is the upper limit. Address any issues promptly to avoid a subpar vaping experience.

How often should you change the coil in your vape?

 Ideally, change your coil roughly every week. If this seems cumbersome, consider using a pod vape device, which has easy-to-change pre-filled pods.

What is the common durability of a vape device?

Most vape devices last around six months without major hitches. Post that, components like coils and batteries may need replacement. If there are persistent issues, consult an e-cigarette shop or consider buying a new device.

Should you clean coils at all?

Cleaning can enhance the vaping experience. It can make the e-liquid taste fresher and boost vapor production. Some suggest using alcohol for cleaning, but caution is advised to prevent damage.

Final Words


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Always be alert to signs of coil degradation to ensure a smooth vaping experience and avoid potential health risks. Regular coil replacements can significantly extend your device's life. If managing a vape feels too demanding, pod vapes, such as those at Alternative Pods, offer a seamless experience backed by durable components.

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