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Pachamama by Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid For Delicious Flavors

Pachamama by Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid For Delicious Flavors


Pachamama by Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid For Delicious Flavors

The vaping community is no stranger to innovative e-liquids that push the envelope in terms of flavor and quality. One such stand-out product in today's market is Pachamama by Charlie's Chalk Dust. This premium e-liquid line blends together a cocktail of fruity flavors and the finesse of carefully chosen ingredients, providing a truly top-notch vaping experience.


With its superior 70/30 VG/PG ratio, the product provides a smooth, flavor-packed experience that will keep you coming back for more. The nicotine content ensures that this e-liquid is addictive, satisfying, and smooth on the throat. This review will take a deep dive into Pachamama, dissecting each of its flavors, features, and the overall experience it delivers to vapers.

Packaging and Presentation

The e-liquid arrives in a well-designed, sturdy 60ML bottle. The bottle cap features a child-resistant design, ensuring safe usage at home. The packaging is not just functional, but also visually appealing with its sleek, minimalistic design and appealing graphics.

Premium Quality and VG/PG Ratio

One of the first things you'll notice about Pachamama by Charlie's Chalk Dust is the superior quality. It's crafted using the finest ingredients, which is evident in the taste and overall vaping experience. The VG/PG ratio of 70/30, typical for sub-ohm vaping liquids, ensures a dense, satisfying vapor and a smoother throat hit. The e-liquid is available in both sub-ohm salt and synthetic nicotine variants.

Flavor Profile: A Symphony of Fruity Delights

The Pachamama line is defined by its unique and delightful flavor combinations. It offers a selection of flavors that include fruits and berries from various parts of the world, each having a unique taste profile that caters to diverse palates.

The Mint Leaf

The Mint Leaf flavor is a harmonious blend of honeydew, berries, and kiwi with a surprise burst of menthol. This mix is reminiscent of a cool summer drink, providing a refreshing hit every time you vape. The distinct tastes of honeydew and berries, accompanied by the tangy kiwi and cooled with a hint of menthol, make this an exceptionally invigorating flavor.

Mango Pitaya Pineapple

Mango Pitaya Pineapple is a tropical delight, offering a vibrant blend of sweet mangoes with fresh pineapple and pitaya, also known as dragon fruit. This combination exudes a sweet and tangy flavor that perfectly captures the essence of tropical fruits.

Peach Papaya Coconut Cream

This e-liquid artfully mixes the smooth, sweet taste of peaches and cream with a hint of coconut and tropical papaya. The blend of these flavors brings a subtle, creamy texture to the vape, providing a mouthful of fruity goodness with each puff.

Strawberry Guava Jackfruit

Strawberry Guava Jackfruit brings a unique twist to the classic strawberry flavor. The tropical guava and jackfruit lend a distinctive, exotic edge to the familiar sweet, juicy flavor of strawberries. This combination delivers a balanced and exciting vaping experience.

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine E-Juice captures the crisp sweetness of Fuji apples, the lush taste of wild strawberries, and the juicy nectarines' tanginess. This immaculate balance results in a burst of mouthwatering fruit taste, minus any artificial flavors, a true testament to Pachamama's dedication to authenticity.

Huckleberry Pear Acai

The Huckleberry Pear Acai blend is a testament to Pachamama's innovative flavor profiling. The fresh, organic pear's sweet and slightly tart taste combined with the unique tanginess of acai results in a refreshing and clean vape, a flavor that stands out among the fruit-based e-liquids.

Blood Orange

Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry is a novel flavor combination, offering a tantalizing blend of tangy blood orange, sweet banana, and subtly tart gooseberry. The varying sweetness levels and the tangy twist make this a must-try for fruit flavor lovers.

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit Raspberry Yuzu is another masterstroke from Pachamama, combining passion fruit's tartness, raspberry's sweetness, and yuzu's unique citrus flavor. This blend offers a taste explosion with every puff, making your vaping experience truly remarkable.

The Brand: Charlie's Chalk Dust

Charlie's Chalk Dust, the brand behind Pachamama, is a name that needs little introduction in the vaping community. Known for their innovative e-liquid lines, the brand has carved out a niche for itself, dedicated to providing vapers with high-quality, flavor-filled vaping products. Pachamama is no exception to this commitment. The brand's understanding of nuanced flavor profiles, coupled with a commitment to quality, is evident in every bottle of Pachamama.


Charlie's Chalk Dust has long been revered for their willingness to push boundaries and experiment with unconventional flavor pairings, as is seen in the Pachamama line. Their penchant for creating unique and exciting flavors makes each puff an adventure. The brand’s dedication to creating top-notch e-liquids, ensuring a rewarding vaping experience, sets them apart in the market.

Nicotine Content: Addictive yet Satisfying

Pachamama's e-liquids contain nicotine, the substance that brings the 'buzz' in vaping. While it's important to remember that nicotine is an addictive chemical, when used responsibly, it can enhance the overall vaping experience, providing a satisfying throat hit and the sought-after nicotine satisfaction.


Pachamama's nicotine content is well balanced, ensuring a smooth experience without overpowering the exquisite flavor profiles. The e-liquid line offers both sub-ohm salt e-liquid and synthetic nicotine e-liquid options, catering to a variety of vapers with different preferences. Whether you prefer the quick absorption of nicotine salts or the traditional feel of freebase nicotine, Pachamama's got you covered.

A Word on VG/PG Ratio: A Smooth, Flavor-Packed Experience


The VG/PG (Vegetable Glycerin/Propylene Glycol) ratio in an e-liquid plays a crucial role in determining the vaping experience. A higher VG content, as seen in Pachamama’s 70/30 VG/PG blend, results in thicker, denser clouds of vapor, offering a smooth vaping experience. On the other hand, PG carries flavor more efficiently. This well-thought-out ratio in Pachamama e-liquids ensures that vapers can enjoy abundant, satisfying clouds without compromising on flavor intensity.




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Pachamama by Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid is a well-crafted product line that offers a versatile range of flavors, from refreshing and invigorating to sweet and tangy. Its carefully curated VG/PG ratio, high-quality ingredients, and creative flavor blends ensure a memorable vaping experience, setting it apart from many other products in the market.


Whether you're a seasoned vaper or a newcomer, Pachamama by Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid provides a fun and satisfying way to enjoy vaping, with its wide array of unique, fruit-filled flavor profiles. For those seeking a fruity, flavorful, and high-quality e-liquid, Pachamama is a worthy choice.


Pachamama E-liquid is available for purchase at Alternative Pods. Try it out for a vaping experience that is as exciting as it is unique. With Pachamama, you don't just vape, you embark on a flavorful journey.

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