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R and M ULAX Tornado 7000 Disposable Review

R and M ULAX Tornado 7000 Disposable Review


R and M ULAX Tornado 7000 Disposable Review


Greetings to the vape enthusiasts out there! Today, we dive into the sensory extravaganza that is the R and M ULAX Tornado 7000 Disposable. Brimming with cutting-edge technology and an impressive range of flavors, this product guarantees an unrivaled vaping experience.

A Beast Under The Hood



Let's kick off with the essential features that define the heart and soul of this vaping marvel.


The R and M ULAX Tornado 7000 Disposable comes with a phenomenal 7000 puff count. Yes, you read that right! Seven thousand puffs, paving the way for prolonged enjoyment without the need for frequent replacements. It's a level of endurance that is seldom seen in the disposable vape market.


This vape monster is powered by a sturdy 850mah rechargeable battery. It's the engine that fuels the device and ensures you won't be left high and dry midway through your vaping session. Plus, the inclusion of a type-C charging port guarantees swift and efficient recharges.


Dive deeper and you'll find a ceramic coil that's been engineered for peak performance. The ceramic coil promises a smooth, consistent vape with every puff, elevating your vape experience to new heights.


Now, for the technophiles among us, R and M ULAX Tornado 7000 Disposable also comes equipped with dazzling RGB lights. They don't just add a touch of visual flair, but also provide a handy visual cue for battery status.

All The Flavors You Can Have


Blueberry on Ice

This flavor is like an icy mountain hike in the middle of a blueberry forest. Each puff delivers the lush sweetness of ripe blueberries, followed by a chilly blast of menthol that leaves your mouth feeling as fresh as a crystal-clear alpine stream. It's nature, adventure, and freshness, all packed into one little vape.

Blue Sour Raspberry

Blue Sour Raspberry is your favorite tangy childhood candy in a cloud of vape. Picture this: A balance of sweet and sour, like a playful tug of war between blueberries and raspberries. It's a tantalizing mix that keeps your taste buds guessing and always coming back for more.

Cherry Cola

Imagine sitting in a 1950s diner, sipping on a glass of fizzy cola while a cherry-topped sundae waits on your table. This flavor brings you that classic cherry-cola taste with each puff, mixing the sweet and juicy taste of cherries with the effervescence of cola. It's a trip down memory lane, any time you want!

Cool Mint

Inhale a breath of crisp mountain air with Cool Mint. Each puff is a refreshing burst of clean, cool mint, making your mouth tingle and leaving a pleasantly fresh aftertaste. It's like carrying a portable breath freshener that also gives you a relaxing vape experience.

Grape Ice

The Grape Ice flavor takes you on a sensory journey through vineyards during winter. The full-bodied, juicy sweetness of grapes melds with a cool menthol breeze, giving your taste buds a sweet, fruity delight wrapped in a chilly package. It's a divine dance of sweet and cool that never fails to invigorate.

Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear brings the fun and nostalgia of those colorful, chewy sweets to your vape. It's a magical concoction of fruity notes that takes you on a whimsical journey down the candy aisle of your favorite childhood store. You'll be searching for that elusive yellow or elusive green bear with every puff!

Lush Ice

With Lush Ice, every puff is a plunge into an icy watermelon pool on a hot summer day. The deliciously sweet and refreshing taste of ripe watermelon is perfectly complemented by a kick of icy menthol. It's a revitalizing flavor that'll transport you to beachside lounging in no time.

Mixed Berries

Mixed Berries is like a wild romp through a berry patch. With every puff, you can taste the rich sweetness of strawberries, the tart notes of raspberries, and the deep allure of blueberries. It's a basket of ripe, juicy berries transformed into a vibrant cloud of vape.

Peach Mango

Peach Mango is a sunny tropical vacation in your pocket. The succulent sweetness of ripe peaches meets the exotic allure of juicy mangoes in a flavor fusion that's pure, tropical bliss. Each puff is a wave crashing onto your own private beach.

Strawberry Watermelon

The Strawberry Watermelon flavor is like a picnic in a sun-kissed meadow. The luscious sweetness of ripe strawberries blends with the refreshing taste of juicy watermelon to offer a fruit salad of a vape. It's summer and happiness, all in one breath.


Skittles is a playful party of flavors that's a constant delight. With each puff, different fruit flavors pop, twist, and turn just like the beloved candy. You'll find yourself excitedly anticipating the next puff, wondering which fruity note will hit your palate next.

Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice is like enjoying a bowl of fresh strawberries on a winter morning. The bright, sweet flavor of fresh strawberries is perfectly matched with a chilly menthol finish. It's a sweet yet icy strawberry treat that refreshes and delights at the same time.


Remember, taste is subjective, and one person's favorite flavor could be different from another's. Why not try them all and find your own favorite? Let the flavor journey begin!

Ready to Embark on a Vaping Adventure?


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All in all, the R and M ULAX Tornado 7000 Disposable is not just a vaping device. It's a sensory journey that entices, satisfies, and surprises at every turn. The combination of top-notch features, a robust design, and a kaleidoscope of flavors make it an absolute must-try for any vape aficionado.


Ready to elevate your vaping experience? The R and M ULAX Tornado 7000 Disposable is available now at Alternative Pods. Let the adventure begin!


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