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In the vast galaxy of glass beakers available on the market, finding one that merges the aesthetic appeal with function is often challenging. AFM Glass, a name synonymous with quality and innovation, offers the Quasar + Dry Catcher 18" Beaker that promises to redefine your smoking sessions.

Features Breakdown

Special Mouthpiece


When we talk about the Quasar's mouthpiece, we're diving into a realm of precision engineering and artistic design. This isn't your run-of-the-mill attachment. The intricate design focuses on two vital aspects: comfort and efficiency. First, the mouthpiece contours are designed with the user's lips in mind, ensuring that prolonged usage doesn’t result in any discomfort. The ergonomic shape seamlessly fits, eliminating any chances of strain.


But it's not just about comfort. The precision tight seal is a testament to its impeccable craftsmanship. This ensures that every drag is rich and full, with no smoke escaping, unless intentionally cleared. Moreover, this design enhancement isn't merely functional. Aesthetically, it elevates the beaker's overall appearance, making it not just a device but an experience enhancer.

Dry Catcher

Dubbed the highlight of this beaker, the dry catcher isn't just a feature; it's a revolution. Ever experienced the disappointment of contaminated water due to ash and debris? The dry catcher is here to banish those woes forever. Acting as a vigilant sentinel, it traps ash and debris, ensuring they don't even come close to the water. This results in a twofold benefit. On one hand, it promises a cleaner beaker, reducing the frequency of maintenance. On the other, it guarantees that each drag is as smooth as the first, devoid of any harshness, making coughing bouts a thing of the past.

Color Palette

Moving away from the conventional monochromes, the Quasar introduces a stunning double color scheme, which, combined with assorted designs/colors, transforms this beaker from a mere smoking tool into a piece of artistic expression. The color downstem, often overlooked in other designs, becomes a focal point, accentuating the beaker's overall aesthetic appeal. With its vibrant hues and designs, the Quasar doesn't need to be hidden away but can take pride of place as a centerpiece in any collection.

Bowl Included

The bowl, often considered a mere accessory, is nothing short of a masterpiece in the Quasar. Carved with precision, it aligns perfectly with the beaker's aesthetics. But it's not just about the looks. The 14mm female slide joint is testament to its functional excellence. It ensures a snug fit, eliminating any chances of air leaks. This results in an undiluted, smooth draw, further enhancing the overall smoking experience.


The 5" downstem strikes a perfect balance between function and ease of use. It's lengthy enough to guarantee that the smoke undergoes efficient filtering, stripping it of any potential harshness. At the same time, its length has been optimized to prevent it from becoming a cumbersome appendage. The diffusion design is fine-tuned to ensure that while maximum diffusion is achieved, the draw remains simple and uncomplicated.

Ice Pinches

If you've ever wished for a cooler, more refreshing hit, the Quasar has heard you. Boasting not one, but three ice pinches, it's crafted for those who seek that extra kick of freshness. These ice pinches are meticulously designed to hold the ice securely above the water, ensuring that the smoke is cooled without any potential water dilution due to melting ice.

Dimensional Excellence

With its towering 18" height to the top of the mouthpiece, the Quasar is a majestic sight. But it's not just about the height; the 6" beaker base diameter ensures it remains stable, eliminating any fears of toppling over. Every inch and curve screams of master craftsmanship. And while, being handcrafted, there might be slight variations in measurements, one thing remains constant - the unwavering AFM Glass quality.

User Experience

The Quasar + Dry Catcher beaker is more than just a visual treat; it is the culmination of intricate design married to thoughtful functionality. The expansive base, more generous than many on the market, acts as a bulwark against those unintentional nudges and jostles, which are all too common in busy spaces or during enthusiastic sessions. This stable foundation ensures that the beaker remains upright and steadfast, giving users peace of mind and reducing chances of spillage or breakage.


Additionally, the designers have gone a step further with the tube's extended length. This isn't just an arbitrary decision for visual appeal. An elongated tube serves a dual purpose: it ensures that the smoke travels a longer distance, undergoing a more extended cooling process and allowing for a further filtration phase. The outcome? Each inhale is cooler, crisper, and smoother, minimizing the throat hit and maximizing pleasure.

Cleaning and Maintenance


Many dread the aftermath of a smoking session— the cleaning. But with the Quasar + Dry Catcher beaker, maintenance woes are significantly reduced. The beaker's unique design, which includes the invaluable dry catcher, acts as a preventive measure against excessive contamination. This feature ensures that large chunks of debris and ash are caught before they infiltrate the main chamber. As a result, the frequency and intensity of cleaning required are considerably less than with standard beakers.


But that's not all. The expansive beaker base isn't just for stability; it also becomes an ally during cleaning. Its wide dimensions allow for easier access inside, ensuring you can reach every nook and cranny without straining or employing cumbersome tools. With the Quasar + Dry Catcher beaker, the cleaning process is no longer a chore but a simple, swift routine, ensuring that the beaker is always ready for your next session.



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The Quasar + Dry Catcher 18" Beaker by AFM Glass isn't just another piece to add to your collection. It's an experience waiting to be unraveled. With its modern features, exceptional design, and the promise of smoother, cooler hits, it's not just a purchase but an investment in your smoking journey. If you're in the hunt for an elevated smoking experience, this is a beaker you shouldn't miss, and what better place to buy it than from Alternative Pods?


Head to Alternative Pods and buy it today!


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