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Steps to Take If Your Vape Tank Is Leaking

Steps to Take If Your Vape Tank Is Leaking


Steps to Take If Your Vape Tank Is Leaking

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Is there anything more frustrating than realizing your vape tank is leaking right when you need it most? Here are some suggestions for avoiding tank leaks, cutting down on the cost of e-juice, and maintaining your device clean and shinning without any leakage.

1.  Challenges with Tank Filling


Filling the tank requires extreme caution to avoid spilling e-liquid on the glass tube. If an accident occurs, wipe up the liquid with a paper towel to stop any leakage or gurgling. If you fill your tank at an angle, the juice will travel around the inside of the glass tube and into the tank, rather than up the central tube. Overfilling the tank will result in the e-liquid simply floating in the air.

2.  Don't Overtighten Your Tank's Bolts


An improperly tightened tank is a major culprit in leaky storage facilities. Vapor can leak out of an atomizer if there is any room between the tank and the base, or between the coil and the base. Fixing the issue requires reattaching the atomizer's base to the tank. The atomizer head could become dislodged if you disassemble the tank without checking it first.


If you don't make an effort to use it effectively. 'Cross threading' occurs when two parts are screwed together and the holes aren't perfectly aligned. Because of this, we are at risk from a poorly sealed tank. Don't overtighten the tank, though, or you risk damaging the o-rings.

3.  Tank Leak: Get New O-Rings


The tank's top and bottom are both required to have an O-ring, which is a rubber ring. Damaged O-rings prevent an airtight seal, which means juice escapes. New o-rings can be purchased to replace worn out ones. Tanks may develop unsightly gaps if not all o-rings are a good match.

4.  Keep Your Vape At A Vertical Angle At All Times


If you transport your vaporizer on the floor, the tank could potentially leak. The reason for this is that e-juice can seep out of the tank's vent holes if the tank is laid on its side for too long. It is usual for leaks to occur when the e-juice tank is less than half filled because the juice holes in the coil are not completely submerged. Carefully consider the location of your vape before using it.

5.  Selecting Suitable Coils


Sometimes the coil won't soak up the e-liquid, and that can cause the tank to leak. Using a defective coil or an outdated coil could lead to this problem. Replacement coils of varying resistances are typically included with tanks, allowing users to enjoy a wide range of vaporization effects.


Smaller juice pores on high-resistance coils are best for higher PG liquids. Also, higher VG juices require a warmer environment to produce vapor. What this means is that liquid leaks may occur if the liquid is unable to evaporate adequately.


Juice holes and airflow holes in low resistance coils are larger, allowing for greater liquid thickness to be vaporized. What might happen if we use low-resistance coils with e-juices that have a lower viscosity? There's a risk that the liquid will cause flooding, either inside the main tube or outside through the vents.

6.  Proper Tank Leakage Inhalation Method


It's preferable to take slow, gentle breaths in. If you frequently experience tank leaks or are accustomed to smoking, your inhalation style may be to blame. It is possible to pull more liquid from the vape device than the coil can evaporate if you use the same level of force as when smoking cigarettes. Leakage from the tube could occur if the extra juice poured in. Try puffing softly and for a longer period of time instead of pulling forcibly.


Long, compressed drawings are another factor. When you hit the "fire" button and take a drag, there's so much vapor that it's impossible to get it all in. Eventually, any residual vapor will condense in the central tube. You can never tell which dribble will be the final straw, therefore to avoid that:


  • As soon as you hit the start button, take a deep breath in.


  • When you're not inhaling, take your finger off the trigger.


  • Maintaining a clean tank is essential.


7.  Always Maintain a Hygienic and Fully Functional Vape


When the vape's flavor and vapor output begin to diminish, or when the tank becomes visibly unclean, it's time to give it a good cleaning. Depending on how regularly you vape, this can take anywhere from two weeks to a month. The tank can be cleaned with cold water and left out overnight to dry.

8.  Boost the Power if Your Tank is Leaking


One of the most typical reasons for dripping is using too much e-juice. The primary cause is having an excessive amount of juice in your coil, which could cause it to leak if heated. The simplest solution is to upgrade the power to a greater wattage/voltage, which will allow you to evaporate more liquid with each puff.

9.  Use More VG-based Liquids


As we've already established, VG is thicker than PG, therefore juices made with VG have a noticeably slower flow rate. This reduces the likelihood that any liquid will make its way from the coil into the central tube. Selecting vape juices with a higher VG:PG ratio can help reduce the likelihood of tank leaks. Always be wary of using high-VG liquid, since this can lead to dry hits that can burn the coil's cotton as well as the coil itself.


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