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The Pros and Cons of Sub-Ohm Vaping


The Pros and Cons of Sub-Ohm Vaping


Sub-ohm vaping is a type of vaping that uses coils with less than one ohm of resistance. Coils in traditional vaping devices typically have a resistance of 1.5 ohms or higher, whereas sub-ohm coils have a resistance of 0.5 ohms or lower. The lower resistance of sub-ohm coils allows for a more considerable amount of power to be delivered to the coil, going to result in more significant vapor production and a more intense flavor experience. Sub-ohm vaping generally requires a different device than traditional vaping.


Sub-ohm vaping devices typically have a higher capacitance and a larger tank that can hold more e-liquid. Sub-ohm vapers can enjoy a longer vaping experience with significantly bigger clouds of vapor because of the increased power output and e-liquid capacity. 

Let's discuss the pros and cons of Sub-ohm vaping


The increased vapor production from vaping gadget

One of the most significant advantages of sub-ohm vaping is the increased amount of vapor that can be produced by using this method. Due to the low resistance of the coil, it is able to receive a greater flow of current, which in turn causes it to reach a higher temperature and produce more vapor. The increased vapor production may result in a more enjoyable flavor experience as well as a sense of satisfaction.

Cloud Chasing

The art of creating and performing feats with enormous clouds of vapor is known as "cloud chasing," and cloud chasers are known for their preference for sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm devices have the ability to produce dense clouds that billow in the air, creating an astonishing and visually beautiful effect.

A more impactful and strong flavor of your e-liquid

Vaping with a sub-ohm atomizer can produce more strenuous flavors than regular vaping, which makes for a more pleasurable experience. Due to the increased vapor production, the e-liquid can be heated to a higher temperature, which ultimately results in a vapor that is more strong and flavorful. The use of e-liquids that have a higher VG (vegetable glycerin) content is preferred by many sub-ohm vapers because it results in a vaping experience that is both smoother and more flavorful.

Improved Throat Hit

The sensation of inhaling vapor that hits the back of your throat is referred to as a "throat hit." Regular vaping does not compete with the throat hit that you get from sub-ohm vaping. The higher temperature that is produced by the coil contributes to a boost of the flavor of the e-liquid, which results in a sensation that is more prominent when it is inhaled.

Sub-Ohm vaping gadgets are customizable

Vapers can modify the wattage and voltage of their sub-ohm vaping devices to the level that is most comfortable for them. Sub-ohm vaping devices are extremely customizable. Because of this personalization, the vaper is able to regulate the strength of the taste, as well as the amount of vapor generation and the "throat hit."

Improved Airflow

Vapers are often able to manage the quantity of air that enters the device thanks to the improved airflow that comes with sub-ohm vaping devices, which typically come equipped with adjustable airflow capabilities. Because of this, the entire vaping experience can be improved because it will provide a smoother draw and will reduce the possibility of dry hits occurring.

A more intense hit of nicotine

Because of the increased vapor production, sub-ohm vaping makes it possible for the body to absorb a greater quantity of nicotine. This results in a more intense hit of nicotine. Vapers who are trying to stop smoking or who require a higher nicotine dose to fulfill their cravings may find this to be beneficial.


In general, sub-ohm vaping provides several characteristics that can enhance the experience of vaping for users who enjoy more intense flavors and higher levels of vapor production. But, before deciding to switch to sub-ohm vaping, it is essential to carefully analyze the potential negatives as well as the risks that are linked with it. To ensure a pleasant and risk-free sub-ohm vaping experience,  vapers should always educate themselves on the correct method to use their devices, as well as on the necessary safety precautions


Consumption of More E-Liquid 

Sub-ohm vaping uses significantly more e-liquid than traditional vaping does. Because of the increased vapor production, the tank will need to be refilled with e-liquid more frequently. This is because the higher vapor production requires more e-liquid to be heated. Vaping with a sub-ohm coil needs e-liquid to have a higher volume of vegetable glycerin (VG), which is more expensive than the propylene glycol (PG) level that is often used in normal e-liquids.

Increased Battery Consumption

Sub-Ohm vaping gadgets consume battery faster than normal one. Because of this, sub-ohm vapers might find it necessary to bring spare batteries with them or to recharge their existing ones more regularly. It is absolutely necessary to check that the battery is suitable for use with the sub-ohm coil so that any potential problems can be avoided.

Dry Hits

Vaping at sub-ohm resistance might result in dry hits, which is a common drawback of this method. When the coil warms up, but there is not enough e-liquid to vaporize, this is known as a dry hit, and it results in a taste that is similar to that of burnt toast. You may prevent this from happening by ensuring that the tank contains an adequate amount of e-liquid and that the wick is completely soaked in it.


The cost of sub-ohm vaping devices is significantly higher compared to the cost of ordinary vaping devices. A higher-capacity battery, which typically comes at a higher cost, is necessary for the low-resistance coil. In addition, sub-ohm vaping calls for e-liquid with a greater VG content, which generally comes at a more expensive rate than e-liquid with a higher PG content.


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It is recommended that, if you are a beginner or are unsure whether sub-ohm vaping is for you, you begin with standard vaping devices and work your way up to sub-ohm vaping as you gain confidence and expertise. For all your vape purchases, consider Alternative Pods and enjoy vaping!

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