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Top 3 Sub-Ohm E-Liquids to Try in 2023

Top 3 Sub-Ohm E-Liquids to Try in 2023


Top 3 Sub-ohm E-liquids to Try in 2023


Vaping has seen exponential growth in innovations, flavors, and equipment in recent years. Especially in the sub-ohm category, vapers are always on the lookout for the best e-liquids to maximize their cloud production and flavor experience. As we enter 2023, a slew of new e-liquid contenders have emerged, making it an exciting time for sub-ohm enthusiasts. Let's explore the top three sub-ohm e-liquids that have taken the market by storm this year.


Twist E-Liquid 120ML (60ML x 2) Vape Juice



In vaping, choices abound. Vapers hunt for liquids that not only tantalize their taste buds but also offer a seamless vaping experience. Enter Twist E-Liquid, a brand that marries quality with variety, catering to the diverse preferences of the vaping community.


Twist E-Liquid, at its core, is about delivering an explosion of flavors. With an expansive list including Fruit Cocktail, Sweet and Sour, White No. 1, Purple Grape, Rainbow, Red Watermelon, Melon, Mango, Cookie, Lemon, and Apple, it’s clear that the brand's mission is to cater to the palate of every vaper.


Take their Fruit Cocktail blend, for instance. It's an exhilarating journey through the orchards and fields. The e-liquid envelops your taste buds with the sweetness of fresh strawberries, the tang of juicy raspberries, the exotic notes of kiwi, and the refreshing taste of watermelon. Every puff is akin to sipping on a high-end fruit cocktail on a sun-soaked beach.


While flavor is paramount, convenience isn't overlooked. Twist E-Liquid packages its product uniquely — instead of a single 120ml bottle, they offer two 60ml bottles. This design choice provides flexibility to vapers, allowing them to easily carry their vape juice or share with a friend.

Nicotine Levels

Understanding that vapers have varied nicotine preferences, Twist provides three nicotine levels to cater to both novices and veterans. Whether you’re chasing a nicotine-free experience with 0MG or desire a more intense hit with 3MG or 6MG, Twist has you covered.

Why Twist E-Liquid?

In a saturated market, Twist E-Liquid stands out by harmonizing two essential aspects: quality and variety. The brand doesn’t just provide vapers with a slew of flavor choices; it ensures that every choice is a premium experience. Whether you have a sweet tooth, crave tangy notes, or are in the mood for something smooth and creamy, Twist’s expansive flavor profile has something tailored for you.

Coastal Clouds Premium Vapor E-Liquid 60ML



Amidst the vast expanse of vaping choices available in 2023, Coastal Clouds emerges as a beacon for those seeking premium quality e-liquids. This brand captures the essence of coastal living, allowing vapers to embark on flavorful journeys reminiscent of sun-soaked shores and tropical paradises. Coastal Clouds ensures that vapers have ample supply for their vaping sessions. Packaged in a sleek 60ml bottle, this e-liquid promises not just quality but quantity as well, letting enthusiasts relish their favored notes without the hassle of constant refills.

Flavor Experiences

Apple Peach Strawberry: A trio of fruits come together to create a symphony of flavors. The sweetness of apples, the lushness of peaches, and the juiciness of strawberries create a harmonious blend reminiscent of a tropical fruit salad.


Blood Orange Mango Snow Cone: This is summer captured in an e-liquid. The tartness of blood oranges, the lush sweetness of mangoes, combined with the zesty twist of lemons and limes, makes this an unforgettable tropical treat.


Blueberry Banana Muffin: Experience the essence of a coastal morning with this flavor. Blueberries' tanginess combined with the creamy nuances of ripe bananas conjures images of breakfasts by the beach.


Blueberry Limeade: A perfect thirst-quencher, this flavor combines the tartness of blueberries with the zesty punch of limeade. It’s a refreshing treat for hot summer days.


Cuban: For the connoisseurs who appreciate the finer things, this flavor mimics the richness and depth of a genuine Cuban cigar, appealing to the classic tastes.


Guava Punch: An ode to the tropics, this flavor is a cocktail of juicy guavas, ripe mangoes, and fresh pineapples. Every puff is a vacation in itself.


Iced Apple Peach Strawberry: Familiar fruity notes take on a chilly twist. The same delightful combination of apples, peaches, and strawberries is elevated with a menthol kick.


Iced Mango Berries: Dive deep into a tropical paradise where lush mangoes meet an assortment of berries, all finished with a cooling menthol sensation.

Aqua Synthetic Nicotine E-Liquid By Marina Vape 60ML


Marina Vape's decision to incorporate synthetic nicotine sets Aqua apart. Derived from non-tobacco sources, this innovative ingredient offers vapers a smoother experience, eliminating the undertones and characteristics of traditional tobacco nicotine. It’s a game-changer for those seeking a purer vape, sans the tobacco influence.


With a generous 60ml bottle, Aqua ensures that the luxury of purity isn't fleeting. It's a companion designed for prolonged sessions, offering both quantity and quality in one elegant package.

A Spectrum of Flavors

Mist: Dive into a delicate blend, reminiscent of a cool morning fog, tantalizing the taste buds with gentle flavor profiles.


Pure: As its name suggests, this flavor embodies the true essence of fruits, delivering an untainted and refreshing experience.


Pure Series: Venture into the realms of distinct fruits with Pure Lemonade, Pure Mango, Pure Melon, Pure Apple, Pure Peach, and Pure Watermelon. Each e-liquid offers a singular fruit sensation, reminiscent of a bite into the real fruit.


Drops: Experience a cascade of flavors that tantalize and invigorate with every puff. The Drops Menthol adds a cool undertone, amplifying the sensation.


Flow: Let yourself be swept by the current of rich and balanced tastes, capturing the essence of tropical delights.


Oasis: A haven for vapers, this flavor offers a retreat into a paradise of fruity blends.


Pure Menthol: Embrace the chilling embrace of menthol combined with Aqua's signature pure essence.


Rush: For those seeking an adrenaline spike, Rush brings forth a bold and vibrant flavor profile.


Swell: Immerse yourself in waves of flavors, ebbing and flowing with each puff.



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2023 has ushered in an era of refined flavors, meticulously crafted to cater to the discerning palate of today's vapers. These top three sub-ohm e-liquids are representative of the market's shift towards quality and complexity. Whether you want Twist or Coastal or Aqua, Alternative Pods is the place to get your flavors and other vaping accessories! Visit our website.


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