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Try The Dummy Vapes 8000

Try The Dummy Vapes 8000


Try The Dummy Vapes 8000




Meet the revolutionary "Dummy Vapes 8000 Disposable 5%" series – a masterful creation designed to elevate your vaping journey. Every aspect of this device has been thoughtfully designed and impeccably executed, ensuring it stands out as an exceptional choice for both newcomers to vaping and long-time aficionados

1. Maximum Puff Count

The Dummy Vapes 8000 offers a commendable 8000 puffs per device. This ensures that users can enjoy a prolonged vaping experience without the need for frequent replacements, making it a great choice for both regular users and those who vape occasionally.

2. Nicotine Strength

Each device comes with a nicotine strength of 50mg, equivalent to 5%. This provides a robust and satisfying nicotine hit, catering to those who seek a stronger sensation and those transitioning from traditional cigarettes.

3. Prefilled Liquid Capacity

A generous prefilled e-liquid capacity of 19mL is integrated into the Dummy Vapes 8000. This allows for a consistent flavor and vapor output, ensuring that each puff delivers a quality vaping experience right up to the last drag.

4. Battery Life and Capacity

With a battery capacity of 650mAh, the Dummy Vapes 8000 is designed to last. It ensures that the battery doesn't deplete before the e-liquid, granting users a consistent vaping journey from start to finish.

5. Convenient Charging

The device is equipped with a modern USB Type-C charging port. Not only does this mean faster charging times compared to older USB variants, but it also ensures compatibility with a broader range of charging accessories available in today's market.

6. User-Friendly Operation

The Dummy Vapes 8000 employs a draw-activation mechanism. This means users don't need to press any buttons to activate the device. Instead, they simply take a drag, similar to traditional smoking, making the transition from smoking to vaping smoother and the overall experience more intuitive.

7. Advanced Coil System

The Dura Mesh Coil is a key feature of the Dummy Vapes 8000. Mesh coils are renowned for their ability to produce denser vapor and more pronounced flavors. The Dura Mesh Coil in particular ensures consistent heat distribution, reduced chances of burnt hits, and an overall enhanced vaping experience.

Flavor Options



  1. Alien Invasion: Embark on an interstellar voyage with Alien Invasion. Delve deep into a concoction that offers the interplay of tantalizingly tangy fruits and an undercurrent of chilling menthol. Every puff is akin to a UFO sighting – unexpected, mesmerizing, and leaving you yearning for more.


  1. Bad Berry: Immerse yourself in a berry rebellion with Bad Berry. It's as if the boldest blackberries, radical raspberries, and brazen blueberries have formed an alliance to storm your palate with their rich, slightly tart, and undeniably daring essences.


  1. Brooklyn Blue: Traverse the bustling streets of Brooklyn with each drag. With the warm, familiar essence of freshly baked blueberry muffins coupled with a delicate infusion of creamy vanilla, this flavor is as iconic and sophisticated as the borough itself.


  1. Cosmic Blast: Fasten your seatbelt for a galactic rendezvous with Cosmic Blast. Tropical giants like the pineapple and mango merge to unleash a celestial taste explosion that challenges the very fabric of flavor physics.


  1. Dummy Dream: Float on clouds of serenity with Dummy Dream. This flavor channels those cherished moments of roasting marshmallows under a starlit sky, with just the right hint of caramel drizzle, making each puff feel like a lullaby.


  1. Fizzy Lemon: Refresh yourself with Fizzy Lemon, as it encapsulates the effervescence of lemonade stand memories. The marriage of zesty lemon and its bubbly companion transports you to a scorching summer day where relief is but a sip away.


  1. Gooba Grape: Wander amidst the vineyards with Gooba Grape. It's like biting into a freshly plucked grape, where the juice erupts, flooding your senses with an undeniable sweetness and a touch of vineyard nostalgia.


  1. Gummo Gummy: Revel in the carefree days of youth with Gummo Gummy. This flavor playfully waltzes a variety of fruity gummy bears across your tongue, recreating those candy store escapades of yesteryears.


  1. Gangsta Punch: Dive into a world where flavors fear no boundaries. Gangsta Punch boasts an audacious ensemble of tropical fruits that greet your taste buds with a sassy swagger and a burst of juicy bravado.


  1. Kika Kiwi: Wander through New Zealand's lush groves with Kika Kiwi. It's an ode to the tangy embrace and slightly sour undertones of the ripe kiwi, transporting you to the Southern Hemisphere with every draw.


  1. Redd Dummy: Embark on a culinary journey with Redd Dummy. It marries the simple sweetness of a freshly picked red apple with the spicy warmth of cinnamon, evoking memories of grandma's kitchen and her renowned apple pies.


  1. Rainbow Rapper: Immerse yourself in a carnival of flavors with Rainbow Rapper. This merry melody of diverse fruity notes assembles on your palate, each vying for attention, and together orchestrating a sweet symphonic rhapsody.


  1. Stoopid Strawberry: Dive into the heart of a strawberry field with Stoopid Strawberry. Each puff is saturated with the essence of strawberries at their peak – juicy, ripe, and bursting with a blend of sweetness and slight acidity.


  1. 1 Twisted Tangy: Unravel the mystery of the tang with Twisted Tangy. This flavor whirls together a collection of the tangiest fruits, choreographing a tantalizing tango of sour meeting sweet in harmonious rhythm.


  1. Clear: Venture into the pristine Arctic with Clear. This flavor epitomizes the sheer essence of menthol, offering an unadulterated and invigorating cooling sensation that's as refreshing as a polar breeze.


  1. King of NY: Bow to the majesty of flavors with King of NY. This regal blend pairs the robustness of freshly brewed coffee with the silken decadence of creamy cheesecake, an indulgence fit for the kings and queens of the concrete jungle.


  1. Trollz Twist: Unleash your playful side with Trollz Twist. It's a flavor that pranks your taste buds with an unpredictable duo of sweetness and sourness, reminiscent of those mischievous trolls hiding under bridges in fairy tales.


  1. Fruit Frenzy: Embark on an orchard escapade with Fruit Frenzy. A potpourri of the orchard's finest, this flavor offers a harmonious blend of varied fruits, ensuring a bountiful bouquet of tastes in every drag.


  1. Wacky Watermelon: Surrender to the essence of summer with Wacky Watermelon. Each puff oozes the fresh, juicy splash of watermelon slices, making you reminisce about picnics and sun-kissed afternoons.



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