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Unboxing the SEA LIFE RIG 8.5"


Unboxing the SEA LIFE RIG 8.5"


The first thing to do upon receiving your long-awaited SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" is to remove it gently from its packaging. Be gentle with the package so that the contents inside remain undamaged. Locate a roomy, well-lit spot where you can unload the gear without any hassle.


First, take the rig out of its shipping container, which is likely to be a thick cardboard box. Look for indications of shipment abuse or damage. If the packaging appears to have been damaged in transit, you should take photos of the damage and notify the vendor or delivery provider right away.


After making sure the box's outside is unharmed, you can open it up to see what's within. With careful packing, your SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" FULL COLOR will arrive at its destination in one piece. Carefully remove the apparatus from the packaging, making sure to raise it by its sturdiest points so as not to drop it.

Contents Checking

Verify that you have all the components for your SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" FULL COLOR before beginning the installation process. This way, you know you have everything you need to set up and operate the rig safely and efficiently.


The SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" is the main thing you should have gotten. The water chamber, percolator, and mouthpiece are all contained within this main section of the rig. Check the gear thoroughly to make sure there are no fractures or other damage that could compromise its performance.


The set must also include a turtle pendant in addition to the rig. Attaching this piece of ornamental hardware to the rig is meant to give it a more unique look and feel. Verify that the turtle pendant exists and is in a usable condition, then secure it to the appropriate spot on the rig.


Finally, look for the instruction booklet. This manual details how to set up the rig, how to keep it in good working order, and how to avoid any accidents or mishaps. Learn the ins and outs of operating and maintaining the rig by reading the handbook cover to cover

Getting to Know the Features

It is recommended that you go through the user manual for the SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" FULL COLOR before beginning the setup process. Knowing how the various components of the rig work together will not only make the initial setup easier, but will also allow you to make the most of the rig during your dives.


Multiple characteristics of the SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" contribute to its high quality and attractive design and functionality.


This setup has a height of 8.5 inches, making it compact while still being functional. Its compact form factor is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to carry and use the rig with ease.


The rig is made of strong glass, so it can withstand the pressures of underwater use and last for a long time. The robust glass material protects the gear from inadvertent bumps or knocks, allowing for safe exploration of the underwater world.


The SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" stands out thanks in large part to its full American glass color. The rig is a stunning full American glass hue, bringing a whole new level of beauty to your dives. The attractive colors and designs of the glass make for an eye-catching experience that adds to the overall pleasure of using the gear.


The rig features a percolator with sea life designs that has been hand-worked. d. This innovative design aspect not only makes the rig more visually appealing, but also improves its filtration efficiency. The smoke is diffused and purified by the working sea-life perc, making for a more pleasant smoking experience. The percolator's attention to detail in depicting marine life enhances the rig's aesthetic value.


The SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" also includes a turtle pendant, which can be worn as a unique accessory. This ornamental item can be fastened to a specific spot on the rig to further emphasize its one-of-a-kind design. The turtle pendant is a lovely accessory that ties in with the marine life motif of the rig and gives it a one-of-a-kind look.


If you take the time to learn about and appreciate these components, you'll be able to make the most of your SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" FULL COLOR. With this information in hand, you'll be able to make educated choices as you assemble and operate the rig, leading to better results and more fun when diving.

Setting It Up

After learning how to use the SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" FULL COLOR, the following step is to locate a good spot to install it. For the rig to remain in place while in operation, it must be placed on a firm, level surface.


  • Find a flat, strong surface, such a table or countertop, to set the rig up on. Make sure there are no debris or obstructions on the surface that could hinder the installation or cause it to topple over.


  • Carefully set the SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" FULL COLOR down on your preferred surface, making sure it's level and centered. Make sure it is conveniently located and within easy reach by moving it around a bit.


  • A perfect setup environment for the SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" FULL COLOR can be created by choosing a suitable position and providing a sturdy surface for the rig, resulting in a stress-free and joyful diving experience.

Watering Down the Rig

Find the rig's water storage tank and fill it up. Careful filling is required; the water level must be high enough to completely submerge the downstem and percolator for filtration to take place.

Getting Ready to Use the SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" COLOR

Fasten the turtle pendant where indicated on the rig. This pendant can be used as a decorative accessory to make your space more unique.

Full-color 8.5" sea life

Your SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" is now ready for use, so sit back, relax, and take in the sights and sounds. To use, simply light the bowl's contents and inhale through the mouthpiece. The percolator in the rig filters the smoke, making it more pleasant to inhale.


Always be aware of and compliant with any and all smoking-related laws and recommendations in your area. Maintain a focus on security and accountability at all times.


  • 25 inches tall
  • Substance: robust glass
  • Glass Color: the full spectrum of bright and vivid American glass.
  • Marine-life-themed perc work completed.
  • Jewelry: Pendant in the shape of a turtle
  • Choices of Blue and Green


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The SEA LIFE RIG 8.5" from Alternative Pods is a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing rig for use during your time spent exploring the depths of the ocean. Dive memories captured with this camera will last a lifetime because to its high quality build, intuitive interface, and beautiful design. Take in the stunning marine life around you and make some unforgettable photographs with this top-notch set-up. Get your hands on one now and prepare for a trip unlike any other!

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