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EBDesign BC5000

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Product Type: Disposable Vape
SKU: 411-11402
Weight: 0.19 lb
Vendor: EBDesign

Flavors:: Beach Day
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• Max Puffs: 5000
• Nicotine Strength: 50mg (5%)
• Prefilled Capacity: 13mL
• Battery Capacity: 650mAh
• Heating Element: Dual-Mesh Coils
• Operation: Draw Activation
• NEW DESIGN AND LOGO FOR 2023 EBDesign BC5000 Disposable Vape

Introducing the EBDesign BC5000 Disposable Vape, the ultimate vaping experience designed for convenience and satisfaction. With its cutting-edge features, this disposable vape is set to revolutionize your vaping journey.

Maximizing your vaping pleasure, the EBDesign BC5000 offers an impressive 5000 puffs, ensuring you enjoy extended vaping sessions without the need for frequent replacements. It comes with a potent nicotine strength of 50mg (5%), delivering a smooth and satisfying throat hit that will keep you coming back for more.

The generous prefilled capacity of 13mL means you can indulge in your favorite e-liquid flavors for an extended period, ensuring a hassle-free vaping experience. Powered by a 650mAh battery, the EBDesign BC5000 provides a reliable and long-lasting vaping session that won't disappoint.

The secret behind the exceptional flavor and cloud production lies in the innovative Dual-Mesh Coils heating element. This cutting-edge technology ensures consistent and intense vapor production with every draw. And with the user-friendly draw activation system, there's no need to press any buttons – simply inhale, and the device will deliver an instant and satisfying hit.

One of the standout features of the EBDesign BC5000 is its RECHARGEABLE USB-C CAPABILITY. Say goodbye to disposable vapes that run out of power and end up in the trash. With the USB-C capability, you can easily recharge your device, reducing waste and saving money in the long run.

As a testament to our commitment to innovation, the 2023 version of the EBDesign BC5000 Disposable Vape comes with an all-new design and logo. Embrace the sleek and modern aesthetics that perfectly complement the advanced technology housed within.

Experience vaping at its finest with the EBDesign BC5000 Disposable Vape. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or a newcomer looking to explore the world of vaping, this device offers everything you need for an unparalleled vaping experience. Enjoy the convenience, power, and style of the EBDesign BC5000 – the future of disposable vapes. Order yours today and elevate your vaping journey to new heights.

EBDesign BC5000 Flavors:

  • • EBDesign BC5000 Beach Day: A refreshing blend of tropical fruits, perfect for a day at the beach, offering a combination of sweet and tangy notes.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Berry MIX - New Flavor: A delightful fusion of assorted berries, delivering a burst of berry goodness with every puff.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Blue Cotton Candy: Indulge in the nostalgic sweetness of cotton candy with a blueberry twist, reminiscent of fun-filled fairs.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Blue Razz Ice: Experience the coolness of menthol combined with the tangy and sweet flavor of blue raspberry.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Blue Razz Lemon: A tantalizing combination of zesty lemon and vibrant blue raspberry for a refreshing and tangy taste.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Blueberry Tobacco-{New Flavor}: A unique blend that marries the sweetness of blueberries with the rich and robust essence of tobacco.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Black Winter: A wintery mix of dark and mysterious flavors, delivering a cool and satisfying vaping experience.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Blueberry Energize: An invigorating blend of blueberry flavor infused with a burst of energy.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Blueberry Pom Ice-{New Flavor}: A refreshing and icy blend of blueberries and pomegranate, perfect for cooling off on hot days.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Brown Tobacco - New Flavor: A bold and earthy tobacco flavor, reminiscent of traditional tobacco blends.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Cherry Lemon Mint-{New Flavor}: A tantalizing trio of cherry, lemon, and mint, offering a delightful and refreshing vaping experience.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Clear: An unflavored option for those who prefer a pure and clean vaping experience.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Coffee Tobacco-{New Flavor}: A combination of rich coffee and deep tobacco flavors, catering to coffee enthusiasts.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Cranberry Grape: A balanced fusion of tart cranberries and sweet grapes for a unique and satisfying taste.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Crazi Berry: An explosion of mixed berry flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Cranberry Punch: A tangy and fruity punch of cranberry goodness, delivering a satisfying vape.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Cuba Cigar: Embrace the sophistication of a classic Cuban cigar, with a hint of sweetness for a smooth finish.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Fanta Strawberry: Experience the essence of juicy strawberries in a refreshing Fanta-inspired flavor.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Fuji Ice: A crisp and icy apple flavor, reminiscent of the popular Fuji apple variety.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Frozen Creamsicle-{New Flavor}: A creamy and icy blend that recreates the nostalgic taste of a creamsicle treat.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Grape Energy: Enjoy the intense flavor of grape combined with a burst of invigorating energy.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Guava Ice: A tropical delight, featuring the sweet and exotic taste of guava with a cooling menthol finish.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Gumi: A unique and intriguing blend that combines various fruity flavors for an exciting vaping experience.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Honeydew Pineapple Orange: A tropical fusion of honeydew, pineapple, and orange, offering a burst of fruity sweetness.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava: A tropical medley of kiwi, passion fruit, and guava, delivering a burst of exotic flavors.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Lemon Mint: A refreshing and zesty combination of lemon and mint, perfect for a cooling sensation.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Malaysian Mango: Experience the succulent sweetness of Malaysian mangoes in every puff.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Malibu: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with a delightful mix of coconut and other fruity flavors.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Mango Peach: A luscious blend of juicy mangoes and ripe peaches, creating a tropical delight.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Mango Peach Apricot: A triple delight of mango, peach, and apricot flavors for a fruity explosion.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Miami Mint: A refreshing minty flavor inspired by the vibrant city of Miami, perfect for cooling off.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Mint Tobacco-{New Flavor}: A fusion of classic tobacco and cool mint, offering a unique and refreshing twist.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Mixed Fruity: A medley of assorted fruits, offering a diverse and exciting vaping experience.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Nut Tobacco-{New Flavor}: A sophisticated combination of tobacco with nutty undertones, providing a smooth and rich flavor.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Orange Pear Nectar: A delicious blend of sweet oranges and juicy pear nectar for a refreshing vape.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Passion Fruit Orange Guava: A tropical paradise in every puff, featuring the luscious flavors of passion fruit, orange, and guava.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Peach Berry: A tantalizing blend of sweet peaches and assorted berries for a delightful and fruity taste.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Peach Ice: Experience the refreshing sweetness of peaches with a cool menthol finish.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Peach Mango Watermelon: A harmonious combination of peach, mango, and watermelon, offering a delightful fruity blend.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Pineapple Coconut Ice: A tropical delight with the exotic flavors of pineapple and coconut, finished with a cooling menthol twist.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Pineapple Orange Mint-{New Flavor}: A refreshing mix of tropical pineapple, tangy orange, and cooling mint.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Pineapple Strawnana: A tropical blend of pineapple and strawberry banana for a fruity paradise.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Rainbow Candy: A burst of rainbow-inspired candy flavors, reminiscent of childhood sweets.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Rainbow Cloudz: A colorful and dreamy blend that evokes the sweetness of cotton candy clouds.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Red Mojito: A twist on the classic mojito, featuring a berry-infused minty flavor.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Sakura Grape: Experience the delicate and floral taste of cherry blossoms combined with sweet grapes.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Snoow Grape-{New Flavor}: An icy grape flavor that delivers a refreshing and cooling sensation.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Snow Ice - New Flavor: A chilling and icy mix that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Sour Apple: A tangy and tart apple flavor for those who enjoy a sour kick.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Sour Candy: Embrace the sourness with this candy-inspired flavor that tantalizes your taste buds.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Strawberry Banana: A classic combination of sweet strawberries and creamy bananas, perfect for a smooth vaping experience.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Strawberry Kiwi: Enjoy the delightful pairing of strawberries and kiwi, offering a sweet and tangy blend.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Strawberry Mango: A tropical fusion of succulent mangoes and juicy strawberries for a truly exotic flavor.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Strawberry Ice: A refreshing and icy blast of strawberry goodness for a cool and satisfying vape.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Strawberry Pear Orange Ice {New Flavor}: A refreshing blend of strawberry, pear, and orange with a cooling menthol finish.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Strawberry Pina Colada: Experience the tropical paradise with the taste of strawberry and pina colada.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice {New Flavor}: A delightful and refreshing mix of strawberry, raspberry, and cherry, perfect for a cool vaping experience.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Strawberry Watermelon: A juicy and mouthwatering combination of sweet strawberries and ripe watermelon.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Strawlemon Ice: A zesty blend of strawberry and lemon with a cooling menthol twist.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Strawberry Passion Fruit Duo Ice-{New Flavor}: A unique duo of strawberry and passion fruit with a refreshing icy kick.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Strawberry Tobacco-{New Flavor}: A fusion of classic tobacco with the sweetness of strawberries for a delightful balance.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Strazz: A delicious fusion of strawberries and raspberries for a berry-filled vaping experience.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Sunrise: Experience the vibrant and energizing flavors of this tropical sunrise-inspired blend.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Sunset: A soothing and mellow flavor that captures the essence of a beautiful sunset.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Summertime: Embrace the spirit of summer with this delightful and fruity blend.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Sweet Menthol: A cool and refreshing menthol flavor with a touch of sweetness for a smooth finish.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Triple Berry Ice: A trio of berry flavors, combined with a cooling menthol kick, for a refreshing and invigorating taste.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Tropical Rainbow Blast: Experience the explosion of tropical fruits in this delightful and vibrant flavor.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Watermelon Ice: Enjoy the juicy and refreshing taste of watermelon with a cool menthol twist.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Watermelon Brzz Ice: A perfect balance of watermelon and berries with an icy menthol finish.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Watermelon Jolly Candy Ice: A delightful and icy watermelon candy flavor for a nostalgic vaping experience.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Watermelon Nana Ice: A tropical blend of watermelon and banana, finished with a cool menthol kick.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Watermelon Cantaloupe Honeydew: A trio of melon flavors, delivering a sweet and refreshing taste.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Watermelon Bubble Gum: Relive your childhood with the sweet and juicy taste of watermelon bubble gum.
  • • EBDesign BC5000 Winter Berry: A cool and refreshing mix of winter berries, delivering a burst of fruity goodness.

Each flavor in the EBDesign BC5000 collection is thoughtfully crafted to provide an exquisite vaping experience, catering to a wide range of preferences and tastes. Whether you prefer classic combinations or adventurous blends, there's a flavor for everyone to enjoy in this diverse collection.