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Vendor: Yocan

Yocan Black Phaser Arc XTAL Replacement Tip

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SKU: AP-151
Vendor: Yocan

Pick your Type: XTAL - 010
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Introducing the Replacement Tips for the Yocan - Black Phaser Arc Vaporizer, designed to enhance your vaping experience. These high-quality replacement tips are crafted to perfectly fit your Yocan Black Phaser Arc Vaporizer, ensuring optimal performance and flavor.

With the Yocan replacement tips, you can enjoy smooth and satisfying vapor clouds with every puff. Each tip is meticulously engineered to deliver consistent heat distribution, allowing you to savor the full essence of your favorite vape liquids.

We offer two fantastic options for you to choose from:

  1. XTAL - 010: This tip offers a delicate balance between flavor and vapor production, providing a delightful taste while still producing impressive clouds.

  2. XTAL - 020: If you're a cloud chaser, this tip is perfect for you. It maximizes vapor production without compromising on the quality of the flavor.

Upgrade your vaping sessions with these top-notch replacement tips. Elevate your vaping game to a whole new level of satisfaction and performance. Get your Yocan - Black Phaser Arc Vaporizer Replacement Tips now and experience the ultimate vaping pleasure!