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King Palm Cones - Mini - 5pk

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Product Type: Cones
SKU: KP - Cone - 043
Vendor: King Palm

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King Palm Cones - Mini - 5pk

Introducing King Palm Cones - Mini - 5pk, the epitome of convenience and sustainability for discerning smokers. Crafted from premium all-natural palm leaves sourced responsibly from Southeast Asian rainforests, these mini-sized pre-rolled cones offer an unmatched smoking experience.

Each pack contains five mini cones, designed for quick, on-the-go sessions or solo indulgence. King Palm's commitment to sustainability ensures that every cone is free from chemicals and additives, guaranteeing a clean and natural smoke with each puff.

The mini size is perfect for those seeking discretion and portability, easily fitting into pockets or small containers. Filling these cones is a breeze, and the included corn husk filters provide a smooth and enjoyable draw.

Choose King Palm Cones - Mini - 5pk for a premium, eco-friendly, and hassle-free smoking experience. Elevate your ritual with the natural choice, thoughtfully crafted to enhance the purity and flavor of your herbs or tobacco. Experience the convenience of mini cones with King Palm, and savor the difference in quality and sustainability with every smoke.