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Neon Funk 8000

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Product Type: Disposable Vape
SKU: FUNK-8001
Weight: 0.19 lb
Vendor: Cali

Flavors:: Black Dragon
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Neon Funk 8000: 8000 Puffs of Style & Satisfaction

Elevate your vaping game with the Neon Funk 8000, a sleek disposable boasting 8000+ puffs of pure flavor and convenience. No more refills, no button fuss – just inhale and savor neon-charged satisfaction.

Neon Funk 8000 Highlights:

    • Ultra-durable: 8000+ puffs per device – ditch the hassle, embrace the flavor marathon.
    • Rechargeable (optional): Enjoy the benefits of a rechargeable device without sacrificing disposable ease.
    • Dual mesh coil tech: Experience smooth, intense vapor and vibrant flavors with every puff.
    • Battery & liquid indicators: Stay in control, never be caught off guard by an empty device.
    • Premium 5% salt nic: Satisfying throat hit, quick nicotine absorption, bold flavor profiles.
    • Generous 18ml e-liquid: Stock up on your favorite taste – extended vaping bliss guaranteed.
    • Easy to use: Perfect for beginners and veterans alike, just inhale and let the neon funk flow.

Neon Funk 8000 Flavor Fiesta:

Blue Raspberry, Blackberry Pomegranate Cherry, Cherry Red, Frozen Blueberry, Frozen Lush... 14+ enticing flavors to ignite your taste buds. Explore the range and find your perfect vape match!

Neon Funk 8000 FAQs:

    • What is it? A cutting-edge disposable vape offering style, convenience, and long-lasting enjoyment.
    • How long does it last? Approximately 8000 puffs – say goodbye to frequent device swaps!
    • Does it need charging? Standard versions are disposable, but a rechargeable option is available.
    • What flavors are there? Explore 14+ tantalizing options in our product listings!
    • Is it beginner-friendly? Absolutely! No buttons, no fuss, just pure vaping pleasure.

Ready to unlock a world of neon-charged vaping? Grab your Neon Funk 8000 today and experience the future of disposables!