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North 5000 Disposable 3%

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Product Type: Disposable Vape
SKU: North03-101
Weight: 0.19 lb
Vendor: NORTH

FLAVORS: Blue Raspberry-3%
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Unleash 5000 Puffs of Pure Satisfaction with the North 5000 Disposable Vape 3% Nicotine Salt

Indulge in long-lasting vaping bliss with the North 5000 Disposable Vape. This sleek and convenient device delivers up to 5000 smooth, flavorful puffs, powered by a 550mAh rechargeable battery.

Explore a diverse range of mouthwatering flavors to tantalize your taste buds:
    • Fruity Fresh:
        • Blue Raspberry: Tangy blueberries with a sweet touch.
        • Blueberry Watermelon: A juicy collision of summer vibes.
        • Cherry Cola: Nostalgic candy memories in every puff.
        • Cherry Lemon: Sweet and tangy, a delightful surprise.
        • Kiwi Strawberry Ice: Refreshing tartness with a cool finish.
        • Strawberry Banana: Creamy sweetness, just like your favorite smoothie.
        • Strawmelon: Summer sunshine captured in flavor.
        • Tropical Summer: A vibrant island getaway in every puff.
    • Cool & Minty:
        • Mighty Mint: Invigoratingly crisp for a fresh feeling.
    • Unexpected Twists:
        • Raspberry Lemon: Zesty and surprising, a flavor adventure.
        • Mocha Frappe: Indulge your guilty pleasure without the calories.
        • Pina Colada: Escape to paradise with every tropical sip.

Experience vaping excellence thanks to:

    • Premium Mesh Coil: Enjoy consistent, flavorful vapor and dense clouds with every puff.
    • Convenient Indicators: Never be caught off guard! E-liquid and battery indicators keep you informed.
    • Overcharge Protection: Relax and recharge with confidence, knowing your device is protected.
    • Pre-filled & Rechargeable: Ditch the mess and enjoy effortless vaping with a pre-filled 10ml e-liquid tank and convenient USB-C charging.

Why Choose the North 5000 Disposable?

    • Extended Vaping Enjoyment: 5000 puffs mean worry-free vaping all day long.
    • Unbeatable Flavor: Premium e-liquid and mesh coil technology deliver delicious flavor in every puff.
    • Effortless Convenience: Pre-filled, rechargeable, and indicator-equipped for stress-free vaping.
    • Peace of Mind: Overcharge protection keeps you and your device safe.
    • Stylish Design: Sleek and compact, the North 5000 looks as good as it vapes.

Make the switch to the North 5000 Disposable today and discover your new favorite flavor adventure!