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Puffco Proxy Modular Vaporizer Kit

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Product Type: Vape
SKU: 411-5569
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Puffco Proxy Modular Vaporizer Kit

The Puffco Proxy is a portable, modular vaporizer that provides broad flexibility for your cannabis consumption experience. Powered by cutting-edge 3D Chamber technology, the Proxy has four precision heated temperatures settings for the most flavorful experience and vapor production.


  • 4 Pre-Programmed Heat Settings
  • 3D Chamber (Sealed)
  • Ceramic Bowl
  • Boost Mode
  • USB-C Connection
  • 1.5-Hour Fast Charge Time
  • 15-Heat Cycle Average Battery Life
  • 30-Second Heat-Up Time
  • Auto-Sleep Function
  • Base (LxWxH): 42 x 42 x 64.75mm
  • Glass (LxWxH): 42 x 129.41 x 57.48mm


1 x Carrying Case
1 x Base
1 x Glass
1 x Chamber
1 x Cable
1 x Loading Tool
1 x Dual Tool

Advanced User Item. Use at Your Own Risk!

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