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Solace Salts Vapor Salt Nicotine E-Liquid 30ML

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Product Type: E-liquid
SKU: 411-3814
Vendor: Solace Vapor

Flavors: Mint
strength: 36mg
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Solace Salts Vapor Salt Nicotine E-Liquid 30ML

Experience vaping at its finest with Solace Salts Vapor Salt Nicotine E-Liquid 30ML, a premium e-liquid that guarantees a smooth and gratifying vaping sensation. Designed to deliver a potent yet smooth throat hit, this product is perfect for those seeking a high-quality nicotine salt e-liquid.

A Rich Array of Delicious Flavors

Indulge in a delightful range of flavors meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients. From the tantalizing Seedless Watermelon and comforting Vanilla Bean to the robust Creamy Tobacco, each flavor offers a rich and flavorful vaping experience.

Perfect for All Vapers

Solace Salts Vapor Salt Nicotine E-Liquid 30ML is available in two nicotine strengths, 36mg, and 48mg, catering to both newcomers and seasoned vapers. The higher nicotine content ensures you get the desired nicotine fix without the need for multiple puffs.

Key Specifications:

  1. Bottle Size: 30ml
  2. Nicotine Strengths: 36mg and 48mg
  3. Salt Nicotine Formula: Provides a smooth and satisfying throat hit
  4. Flavors: Includes Seedless Watermelon, Vanilla Bean, Creamy Tobacco, and more
  5. Compatible Devices: Designed for low-wattage devices
  6. Premium Ingredients: Made with top-quality ingredients for an unparalleled vaping experience

Flavor Selection:

  1. Mint - Classic menthol
  2. Cool Tobacco - Classic tobacco with a hint of menthol
  3. Pineapple - Savory pineapple flavor
  4. Strawberry Kiwi Ice - Tropical fruit blend with a refreshing menthol finish
  5. Dragon Fruit Menthol - Dragon fruit with a cooling menthol twist
  6. Banana Dragonberry - Fusion of banana, dragon fruit, and strawberry
  7. Berry Bush - Refreshing mix of berries
  8. Blue Raspberry Lemonade Ice - A berry mixture with a cool menthol touch
  9. Grape - Perfectly fresh grape flavor
  10. Lemon Lime Fusion - Sweet and tart lime dessert
  11. Tropic Strawberry - Delightful blend of strawberry, pineapple, and mango
  12. Sea Salt Blueberry - Classic fusion of blueberries and raspberries
  13. Strawberry - Sweet strawberry with a hint of watermelon
  14. Blue's Lemonade - Sweet blue raspberry combined into a refreshing lemonade
  15. Blue's Mango - Tart blue raspberries blended with juicy mangoes
  16. Bold Tobacco - A bold and satisfying tobacco hit
  17. Juiced Apple - Sweet and juicy sour apple
  18. Seedless Watermelon - A refreshing blend of ripe watermelon

Available Nicotine:

  • 36 mg
  • 48 mg