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Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml

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Product Type: E-liquid
SKU: Tyson- E-Liq-AP-35-30
Vendor: Tyson

Available Flavors:: Apple Peach Mango
Strength : 35MG
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Unleash the Champion Within: Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml 

Ready to throw a knockout punch to your vape game? Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid is back, packing a powerful 30ml bottle of pure flavor fury. Available in a staggering 18 mouthwatering options and two nicotine strengths (35mg and 50mg), Tyson 2.0 delivers an experience worthy of the champ himself.

Here's why Tyson 2.0 reigns supreme:


A Heavyweight Hit of Flavor: Dive into a diverse roster of bold, complex flavors, from icy Clear Frost to the sweet-tart symphony of Keylime Cookies. Every puff explodes with vibrant intensity, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.



Nicotine Strength, Your Way: Choose your perfect knockout with 35mg or 50mg nicotine salt. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your journey, Tyson 2.0 delivers the smooth, satisfying hit you desire.



Quality Ingredients, Champion Performance: Crafted with meticulous care using the finest ingredients, Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid ensures peak cloud production and a consistently delicious experience. Every inhale is a testament to our commitment to quality.



A Champion's Value: Packaged in a sleek, 30ml bottle, Tyson 2.0 delivers exceptional value for every drop. Experience premium flavor and performance without breaking the bank.


Ready to step into the ring with a true champion? Order your Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid today and unleash the power within!

Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml: A Flavor Knockout for Every Palate

Get ready to embark on a flavor adventure with Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid! With 18 mouthwatering options to choose from, there's a perfect match for every vaper's preference. Buckle up and dig into this juicy breakdown:

Fruity Fiesta:

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Apple Peach Mango: A vibrant tango of crisp apple, juicy peach, and sunshine-sweet mango.

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Blue Razz Sour: Pucker up for a blast of tangy blue raspberries with a sweet-and-sour pucker. ?⚡️

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Blue Grape Fruit: A juicy explosion of blueberries, bold grapes, and zesty citrus for a truly refreshing blast.

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Cherry Cola: Relive childhood memories with this fizzy fusion of ripe cherries and classic cola.

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Frozen Grape: Dive into a frosty wonderland of icy-cold grapes for a refreshingly sweet treat.

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Mango Passion: Escape to the tropics with this exotic blend of juicy mango and fragrant passionfruit.

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Melonhead: Dive into a honeydew haven with this sweet and juicy melon masterpiece. ☀️

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Orange Squeeze: Get your daily dose of vitamin C with this tangy twist on fresh-squeezed oranges. ⚡️

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Peach Lemonade: Quench your thirst with this summertimey combo of sweet peaches and tart lemonade.

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Pink Lemonade: Pucker up for a blast of sweet and tart pink lemonade, perfect for any day.

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Strawberry Banana: A classic duo gets a vapey twist with this creamy blend of ripe strawberries and sweet bananas.

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Strawberry Whip: Indulge in a decadent swirl of strawberry ice cream and fluffy whipped cream.

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Watermelon Bubble: Pop, fizz, and swirl with this playful mix of juicy watermelon and bubblegum sweetness. ?

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Water Melonade: Dive into a double dose of watermelon with this refreshing blend of watermelon candy and juicy fruit.

Sweet & Cool:

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Clear Frost: Experience the invigorating chill of menthol with this clean and refreshing vape. ️❄️

    • Tyson 2.0 E-Liquid 30ml - Whipped Lush Ice: Treat yourself to a creamy cloud of whipped cream with a touch of icy coolness. ❄️

This is just a taste of the Tyson 2.0 flavor knockout! With so many options, you're sure to find your new all-day vape. Which flavor will you conquer first?