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Viva G6000 Disposable

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Product Type: Disposable Vape
SKU: 411-1665
Vendor: Viva

Flavors: Lyfe Savor
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Viva G6000 Disposable Features:
  • 5.0% (50MG) Nicotine by Volume.
  • 6ml E-Liquid Per Device.
  • Approximately 6000 Puffs Per Device.
  • Disposable - Non-Refillable & Rechargeable.
  • Mesh Coil.

Introducing Viva G6000 Disposable, the epitome of vaping excellence with its exceptional features and convenience. Packed with a powerful punch of 5.0% (50MG) nicotine by volume, this device delivers a satisfying and smooth vaping experience with every inhale. Each Viva G6000 Disposable is pre-filled with 6ml of premium e-liquid, ensuring a long-lasting and flavorful vaping session that eliminates the need for frequent refills.

With approximately 6000 puffs per device, Viva G6000 Disposable offers an extended and enjoyable vaping experience, making it a reliable companion for vapers on the go. When your device is empty, simply dispose of it responsibly, as it's designed as a non-refillable unit for your convenience.

For those who crave the ultimate in vaping performance, the Viva G6000 Disposable is designed to be rechargeable, adding an eco-friendly aspect to your vaping experience. The rechargeable capability allows you to maximize usage and reduce waste, making it a more sustainable choice compared to traditional disposables.

The Viva G6000 Disposable boasts the latest in vape coil technology with its Mesh Coil. This advanced coil design optimizes flavor delivery and ensures a consistently smooth and enjoyable vape throughout the device's lifespan.

Embrace the simplicity of Viva G6000 Disposable and indulge in a vaping experience that's both satisfying and straightforward. With its generous e-liquid capacity, impressive puff count, and rechargeable option, this device sets a new standard in disposable vapes. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the world of vaping, Viva G6000 Disposable is designed to cater to all your vaping needs. Elevate your vaping game and try Viva G6000 Disposable today to savor the rich flavors and enjoy the ultimate vaping convenience.

Viva G6000 Disposable Flavors:

  • Viva G6000 Disposable Arnold Palmer: A refreshing mix of iced tea and lemonade, perfectly balanced to create a timeless and satisfying vape.
  • Viva G6000 Disposable Blow Pop: Reminisce your childhood with the sweet and tangy taste of a classic lollipop.
  • Viva G6000 Disposable Blow Pop Berry: Enjoy the same lollipop goodness with an added burst of mixed berry flavors, creating a berrylicious vaping experience.
  • Viva G6000 Disposable Candy Cane Mint: Embrace the holiday spirit with a cool and refreshing candy cane mint flavor, perfect for any time of the year.
  • Viva G6000 Disposable Gummy Bear: Indulge in the sugary sweetness of gummy bears, bringing a burst of fruity delight to your vape.
  • Viva G6000 Disposable Gusher Burst: Experience the taste of fruit gushers in a vape, delivering a juicy and mouthwatering explosion of flavors.
  • Viva G6000 Disposable Iced Arctic Mint: A chilling blast of arctic mint, guaranteed to awaken your senses and leave you feeling refreshed.
  • Viva G6000 Disposable Lyfe Savor: Relish in the iconic taste of a life saver candy, offering a blend of fruit and sweetness.
  • Viva G6000 Disposable Shirley Temple: Savor the classic drink-inspired flavor, combining cherry and citrus notes for a delightful and unique vape.
  • Viva G6000 Disposable Sour Jolly Rancher: Enjoy the tangy and zesty taste of sour jolly rancher candies, bringing a playful twist to your vaping sessions.
  • Viva G6000 Disposable Sour Patch: Immerse yourself in the sour and sweet combination of the popular sour patch candies.
  • Viva G6000 Disposable Strawberry Watermelon Iced: Dive into a delightful blend of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelon with a cool and icy finish.