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Wotofo nexPOD

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Product Type: Vape Pod
SKU: 411-1261
Weight: 0.02 lb
Vendor: WOTOFO

Flavors: Caramel Tobacco
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Introducing the Wotofo nexPOD Kit - Elevate Your Vaping Experience!

Experience vaping like never before with the Wotofo nexPOD Kit. Packed with cutting-edge features and designed for maximum convenience, this kit is engineered to deliver a superior vaping experience that's second to none.

Key Features:

Ample Liquid Capacity for Extended Use: With options for 8.0ml liquid, offering up to per POD, and 10ml liquid, providing an impressive 5000 puffs per POD, the nexPOD ensures uninterrupted vaping pleasure, minimizing the need for constant refills.

Powerful Battery for Lasting Performance: Equipped with a high-capacity 650mAh battery, the nexPOD ensures you can enjoy extended vaping sessions without frequent recharges.

Efficient Type-C Charging: The inclusion of a Type-C charging port guarantees swift and efficient charging, so you can spend less time waiting and more time vaping.

Tailored Airflow for Personalized Experience: The adjustable airflow feature allows you to customize your vaping experience to suit your preferences, ensuring every draw is just the way you like it.

Safety First with Multiple Protections: The nexPOD comes with a range of built-in protections, including short circuit, overcharge, and low voltage protection, providing peace of mind while you enjoy your vape.

Water-Resistant POD for Added Durability: Designed with durability in mind, the water-resistant POD ensures your device stays in top-notch condition, even in challenging environments.

Elevate your vaping journey with the Wotofo nexPOD Kit - where cutting-edge technology meets sleek design. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting out, this kit is sure to impress. Get yours today and experience vaping at its finest!

Wotofo nexPOD Kit Flavors:

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Caramel Tobacco: Indulge in the rich, smoky notes of classic tobacco complemented by the luscious sweetness of caramel for a truly satisfying and nuanced vaping experience.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Forest Berries: Immerse yourself in a bountiful blend of ripe, hand-picked forest berries, delivering a burst of natural sweetness and tangy goodness.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Grape Apple: A delightful fusion of crisp, juicy apples and succulent grapes, creating a harmonious balance of fruity flavors with a refreshing twist.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Mango Yogurt Ice: Experience the tropical allure of ripe mangoes harmoniously blended with creamy yogurt and a refreshing icy kick, providing a smooth and invigorating vaping experience.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Mango Pear: Revel in the exotic fusion of juicy mangoes and succulent pears, delivering a sweet and refreshing fruit melody with every inhale.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Mango Gummy: Savor the taste of mouthwatering mango gummies, offering a delightful combination of sweet and chewy candy goodness.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Mint: Embrace the pure and straightforward essence of cool mint, delivering a crisp and clean vaping experience.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Monster Ice: Unleash the beast with this invigorating blend of tropical fruits and an icy menthol blast, resulting in a bold and exhilarating flavor profile.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Pina Colada: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the classic combination of creamy coconut and juicy pineapple, delivering a smooth and refreshing vaping experience.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Purple Razz Ice: Delight in the tangy zing of ripe raspberries intertwined with a burst of exotic purple fruits and a chilling menthol finish, offering a bold and invigorating vape.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Strawberry Cone: Experience the nostalgic taste of creamy strawberry ice cream wrapped in a crispy waffle cone, providing a sweet and comforting flavor sensation.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Strawberry Lush: Immerse yourself in the luscious flavor of ripe strawberries, delivering a burst of natural sweetness with every draw.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Strawberry Mango: Enjoy the harmonious blend of succulent strawberries and tropical mangoes, creating a juicy and flavorful vaping experience.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Sakura Milk: Fall in love with the delicate flavor of sakura blossoms infused into creamy milk, offering a unique and enchanting taste experience.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Strawberry Yogurt: Revel in the creamy goodness of yogurt blended with ripe, juicy strawberries, resulting in a smooth and satisfying flavor combination.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Three Melons: Immerse yourself in the refreshing fusion of three perfectly ripe melons, providing a sweet and juicy vaping sensation.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Tropical Ice: Embark on a journey through a tropical paradise with this blend of exotic fruits and a cooling menthol breeze, delivering a refreshing and invigorating vaping experience.

  • Wotofo nexPOD - Watermelon Lychee: Enjoy the succulent taste of juicy watermelon complemented by the exotic sweetness of lychee, resulting in a refreshing and flavorful vape.