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Yocan Orbit 1700mAh Vaporizer Kit

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Product Type: Vaporizer Kit
SKU: AP-126
Vendor: Yocan

Color: Silver
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Introducing the Yocan Orbit 1700mAh Vaporizer Kit: Ignite Your Vaping Journey!

Experience the pinnacle of vaping with the Yocan Orbit 1700mAh Vaporizer Kit. Crafted to redefine your vaping experience, this kit promises an exquisite blend of power, innovation, and ease.

Yocan - Orbit 1700mAh Vaporizer Kit


  • Powered By: Immerse yourself in extended vaping sessions with the formidable built-in 1700mAh battery, delivering sustained power for your enjoyment.
  • 5 Click On/Off functionality: Seamlessly control your device with the 5-click on/off feature, ensuring safety and simplicity with every use.
  • Pre-heat function: Enjoy instant vaporization with the pre-heat function, offering quick and even heating for a smooth vaping experience.
  • Three voltage levels:
    • Customize your vaping journey with three adjustable voltage levels. Change them by pressing the power button three times.
    • Voltage mode indicator lights up to indicate your selected voltage:
      • White light - 3.4V
      • Blue light - 3.7V
      • Green light - 4.0V
  • Utilizes a Coil-Less Quartz Atomizer: Experience refined vaporization with the coil-less quartz atomizer, delivering pure and flavorful vapor with each draw.
  • Charged through USB Type-C: Embrace modern charging convenience with the USB Type-C connection, ensuring rapid and efficient charging for your device.
  • 15 Sec Auto Cut-Off Protection: Prioritize safety and energy conservation with the 15-second auto cut-off protection, promoting responsible vaping.