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Product Type: Disposable
SKU: A411-1014
Weight: 0.19 lb

Flavors:: Jungle Juice
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Aroma King Bugatti Twins Rechargeable 15ml Disposable Vape 5000 puffs


  • E-liquid Capacity: 15ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg (5%)
  • Mesh Coil
  • LED Display Screen
  • Carrying Case
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
  • up-to Puffs: 5,000
  • Rechargeable Battery


Available Flavors:

  • Strawberry Dragon Fruit : Bugatti twins offer a delicious mix of strawberry and dragon fruit to balance the sweetness of the strawberry, experience a new, unique flavor that suits the fanciness of the brand! 
  • Strawberry Watermelon : A 50/50 blend of ripe strawberry with a mellow watermelon taste.
  • Cola Mojito : A must try flavor from Bugatti twins, simply a mixture of 2 heavily flavors in 1 vape 
  • Sakura Grapes : Get the delicious taste of sweet purple grape flavor in every puff.
  • Rainbow Candy : Fruity hard candies you like. When you Vape the Bugatti twins 5000 Rainbow Candy you shall experience a taste of delicious muti-colored candies that are just irresistible if you're candy fanatic.
  •  Banana Ice : Cool tropical fruit you've searched for, this Bugatti Twins 5000 disposable vape Banana Ice provides a satisfying blend of creamy and tropical banana taste with an icy menthol twist. Offering a refreshing and pleasant taste with each puff.
  •  Valentine Fruit : An exclusive blend bless with love from Bugatti Twins Disposable 5000 , a Must Try Fruity mix that will make you fall in love! 
  • Grape Ice : Bugatti twins grape ice flavor is a 50/50 mix of your favorite grapes and a touch of menthol to balance the sweetness of this outstanding vape! 
  • Pomegranate Berry Ice : seems like Bugatti is committed to impress us all in any industry they dabble in, including this Bugatti twins 5000 disposable Pom Berry Ice flavor mixing exotic fruits with a preferred dose of chilled menthol in every puff! 
  • Gummy Berry : May we say "Heaven ?" this Gummy Berry by Bugatti is a MUST try mix of gummy bears candy and a blueberry-strawberry mix, and it won't disappoint! 
  • Jungle Juice : The Jungle Juice is a unique flavor that will take you back to your childhood. It’s a short and simple device with a delicious mango flavor made from the juiciest and sweetest mangoes. With the perfect blend of mango and pineapple, it leaves you craving for more.
  • Strawberry BananaThe Strawberry Banana by Bugatti Twins Disposable Vape is made to meet your vaping needs. With nicotine strength of 50mg (5%), the Strawberry Banana is perfect for that extra kick. Its mesh coils are designed to provide an ultra-fast, smooth draw with a strong, immediate flavor hit – all while providing a much better vapor experience than traditional coils.
  • Kiwi Guava: The Bugatti Twins Kiwi Guava Disposable Vape 5000 is a deep, juicy and tropical fruit blend that features ripe kiwis, canned guava and a perfect blend of two world famous blended fruits. Kiwi Guava is an all day vape that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.
  • Blueberry pomegranateThe Blueberry pomegranate e-cig liquid is the perfect blend of fruity and juicy. There are loads of blueberries, with tangy pomegranates and creamy coconut finishes each dripping with fruit flavor. This juice will have your taste buds begging for more!
  • Strawberry Cream The Strawberry Cream by Bugatto twins 5000 is a disposable vape with an attractive appearance and taste. Each disposable has a Strawberry Creamy flavor with 50mg nicotine strength. 
  • Watermelon Bear Candy : Bugatti twins 5000 Watermelon Bear Candy disposable vape is created with a nicotine strength of 50mg (5%). It's a perfect disposable for anyone looking to taste a Fresh watermelon flavor balanced with a gummy bear candy mix, made specially for you!
  • Pineapple Coconut Ice Bugatti Twins 5000 disposable vape Pineapple Coconut Ice  is a delicious tropical blend of creamy pineapple and refreshing coconut. This disposable has been specially formulated with a 50mg nicotine strength, so you can enjoy the smoothness of this vape while not sacrificing on flavor. The Pineapple Coconut Ice is a perfect day time and night time flavor to keep it fresh! 
  • Cane Mint The Cane Mint Disposable Vape by Bugatti twins is a great Minty flavor balanced with a touch of Ice & Sweet giving you the satisfaction of a Peppermint flavor!
  • Passion Fruit Lemon Passion Fruit Lemon is a new flavor that's all about the sweet, sour and tangy taste of passion fruit. You will taste the sweet-sour flavor on the inhale, with a refreshingly light lemonade finish. The rich frosted dessert type tones make this Bugatti Disposable Vape 5000 completely unique and original.
  • Pineapple LemonThe pineapple lemon e-liquid is a refreshing and fruity vape mixed of a Summery Fresh Pineapple Flavor and the sweet and sour lemon. This bugatti twins disposable vape is available in 50mg (5%) nicotine strength, and its enjoyably smooth taste has made it a favorite among many users.
  • Blue Raspberry Lemonunique blend of refreshing lemonade and tangy raspberry. This Bugatti Twins Blue Raspberry Lemon 5000 disposable vape has a nicotine strength of 50mg (5%). 
  • Orange Mojito: The Orange Mojito is one of the most popular disposable vapes flavors, featuring a flavor combination of fresh lime, ripe orange and sweet mint. The mesh coil provides a clean, smooth and cool hit every time.
  • Blueberry Raspberry: The perfect all-day disposable vape, Blueberry Raspberry is Aromatic and refreshing. The Raspberry flavor comes right through and enhances the sweetness of the Blueberry, making this one of the best blends and flavors offered by Bugatti Twins 5000 puffs disposable vape.
  • BlueberryThe Blueberry flavor by Bugatti Twins is an OG best-selling flavor inspired by the fresh wild blueberries, featuring a 50mg ( 5% nicotine ) and 5000 ( 5k ) puffs
  • Pineapple Peach Mango: The Pineapple Peach Mango vape juice is a great choice to satisfy your sweet tooth. It features a generous 50mg (5%) nicotine strength. 
  • Strawberry Dragonfruit: The Strawberry Dragonfruit e-liquid is a thick and sweet fruity blend of strawberry & dragon fruit. A perfect balance of the two flavors makes this flavor a summer favorite. Get your daily dose of Vitamin C with this amazing watermelon soda flavor! The Strawberry Dragonfruit e-liquid contains 50MG/50% nic strength, with a large 1500mAh built in battery that can last up to 5,000 puffs under any conditions.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: Enjoy the full taste of a juicy strawberry watermelon with this flavorful e-liquid. The 50mg/5% strength Nicotine is perfect for both beginners and advanced vapers. This vape juice comes in an easy-to-open box, with a mesh coil that uses organic cotton for optimal taste.
  • Cola Mojito: The COLA MOJITO is a Deluxe Edition of our original Mojito flavor, designed for e-cigarette users who crave an indulgent experience. This e-liquid is packed with rich and sweet flavors of delicious lemonade, mouthwatering limeade, refreshing mint and cool menthol.
  • Sakura Grape: The Sakura grape is a Japanese combo of sweet and sour flavors. It is also a Japanese tobacco that has been classified as a cultivar that can produce excellent quality grapes suitable for decorative purposes. Sakura Grape is slightly chemically treated to enhance its ability to absorb water.
  • Rainbow Candy: The Rainbow Candy is a new and unique flavor by Bugatti Twins featuring a mixture of fruit candy flavors in this 5000 puffs disposable vape.
  • Banana Ice: Banana Ice 5,000 puffs is an excellent, refreshing and creamy flavor with a balance of creamy banana flavor and a hint of menthol to guarantee your satisfaction with every hit! 
  • Valentine Fruit: The Valentine Fruit is a new and exclusive flavor by Bugatti Twins 5000 disposable vape, featuring a lovely strawberry and cherry with mix fruit flavor that would elevate your vaping experience to a whole new level! 
  • Grape Ice: Grape Ice by Bugatti Twins 5000 puffs has a nice cool mint feel on the inhale and the sweetness from the grape on the exhale. Very refreshing and an easy all day flavor to vape on.
  • Pom Berry Ice: Pom Berry Ice by Bugatti Twins disposable vape is a mix of Fresh Pomegranate, and Sweet strawberries mixed with a hint ice in a nicotine salt blend.
  • Gummy Berry: Gummy Berry is an excellent customer-favorite gummy bear flavor mixed with fresh strawberries and berries offered in 5% (50mg) salt nicotine, Gummy Berry Disposable Vape by Bugatti twins 5000 is