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ELF VPR Cigar 3000

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Product Type: Disposable
Weight: 0.19 lb
Vendor: ELF VPR

Available Flavors:: Apple Tobacco
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Crave luxury? Elevate your vape with the ELF VPR Cigar 3000 (pack of 3):

  • Long-lasting battery: Unwind uninterrupted with a potent 850mAh battery.
  • Authentic Tobacco Flavor: Purists, rejoice! Savor the smooth taste of premium tobacco leaves.
  • High Nicotine Hit: 50mg/5% Salt Nic Vape Juice delivers powerful satisfaction with every puff.
  • Large E-liquid Capacity: 6ml keeps the flavor flowing, minimizing refills.
  • Convenient Recharging: Type C-USB for quick, hassle-free refuels.
  • Realistic LED Tip: Adds a cool visual cue and usage indicator.
  • Pack of 3: Stock up & enjoy uninterrupted bliss.
  • Explore a World of Flavor: Choose from Apple Tobacco, Blueberry Tobacco, Cherry Tobacco, Coffee Tobacco, or Vanilla Tobacco.

FAQ's for ELF VPR Cigar 3000

How many puffs can I expect from the ELF VPR Cigar 3000?

The ELF VPR Cigar 3000 offers approximately 3000 puffs, providing an extended vaping experience before needing a replacement.

How long does the battery of the ELF VPR Cigar 3000 last?

With its 850mAh battery capacity, the ELF VPR Cigar 3000 offers long-lasting usage, depending on individual vaping habits.

What nicotine strength is available in the ELF VPR Cigar 3000?

The ELF VPR Cigar 3000 comes with 50mg/5% Salt Nic Vape Juice, providing a satisfying nicotine hit with each puff.

How do I recharge the ELF VPR Cigar 3000?

The ELF VPR Cigar 3000 features Type C-USB rechargeable technology, allowing for fast and convenient recharging via a compatible USB port.

Can I refill the ELF VPR Cigar 3000 with my own e-liquid?

No, the ELF VPR Cigar 3000 comes pre-filled with e-liquid and is designed for single-use convenience.

Order your ELF VPR Cigar 3000 today and elevate your vaping journey!