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Vendor: Hi5

Hi5 Beast Disposable Vape Blue Razz Ice Flavor

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Product Type: Disposable
Weight: 0.19 lb
Vendor: Hi5

Flavors :: Blue Razz Ice
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Hi5 Beast Disposable Vape

The Hi5 Beast Disposable Vape is a great option for those looking for a simple and satisfying vaping experience.

Here are some key features and benefits of this product:

  • Great flavor: The flavor is a delicious and sweet option that is sure to satisfy your taste buds
  • Easy to use: Disposable vapes are simple to use, with no need to worry about setting up or maintaining the device
  • Portable: The Hi5 Beast Disposable Vape is small and lightweight, making it easy to take with you on the go
  • Long-lasting: The Hi5 Beast Disposable Vape delivers an excellent draw and provides a satisfying experience, with up to 3000 puffs per device
  • No charging or refilling required: Since the Hi5 Beast Disposable Vape is a disposable device, there is no need to worry about charging or refilling the device
Overall, the Hi5 Beast Disposable Vape is a great option for those looking for a convenient and satisfying vaping experience. With its great flavor, ease of use, and long-lasting design, this disposable vape is sure to please.

key specifications

  • Nicotine:2%-5%. Synthetic
  • Liquid Capacity:7ml
  • Battery Capacity: 850 mAh
  • Oil Coil Seperation
  • Resistance:1.2 Ω
  • Coil: Mesh Coil
  • Puffs: 3000